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  • 2023 Q1 Fighting Game Events in Tokyo

    2023 Q2 Fighting Game Events in Tokyo. It has been a while since I’ve tracked offline fighting game events in Tokyo. With the pandemic starting in 2020, most offline gatherings shut down. At the end of 2022 things were starting to come back. Generally, you can find a Wednesday night fighting game event at eXeField […]

  • 2022-09-17 Tokyo Game Show and Street Fighter 6 demo play

    A month or so ago, I bought tickets for the Tokyo Game Show. I was super interested to go because there would be a playable demo for Street Fighter 6, which I really wanted to try out. I bought tickets for Saturday since work was super busy that week, and I don’t have any connections […]

  • 2022 Summer / Fall SFL: Pro-JP

    Table of Contents 1. 2022-09-06 JP SFL Section 1 Day 1 1.1. Street Fighter League Warm-up 1.2. Introduction 1.3. Team iXA vs. Gyogun 1.4. Nagoya OJA BODY STARS Mildom vs. Shunsaikan Sol Kumamoto 2. 2022-09-09 JP SFL Section 1 Day 2 2.1. Warmup 2.2. vPlus FAV Gaming vs. Comyufa Detonation 2.3. Shinobism vs. Good 8 […]

  • 2022 June – July trip to America

    Table of Contents 1. Thursday June 23rd 2. Friday June 24th 3. Saturday June 25th 4. Sunday June 26th 5. Monday June 27th 6. Tuesday June 28th 7. Wednesday June 29th 8. Thursday June 30th 9. Friday July 1st 10. Saturday July 2nd 11. Sunday July 3rd 12. Monday July 4th 13. Tuesday July 5th […]

  • Alan plans a trip to Harajuku

    I had some errands to run in Harajuku – there was a King of Fighters collab at a pop-up shop in La Foret – and since it is Golden Week I thought it would be fun to bring Alan with me. He really likes trains and buses, and in the past two or so years […]

  • Reading through Capcom’s “The future of e-sports viewed through Street Fighter League”

    Table of Contents 1. Chapter 1: Capcom’s Path 1.1. Organizing to create the Best games in the World 1.2. Creating a new Genre with Biohazard (Resident Evil) 1.3. Starting Digital Sales early 1.4. SF2 Cultivated the PvP Fighting Game Genre 1.5. The strategy of spotting trends as fast as possible 2. Chapter 2: Our first […]

  • Trip to Angel Forest Shiobara in Nasu

    Table of Contents 1. 2021-10-21 2. 2021-10-22 3. 2021-20-23 We decided a few months back to take another trip domestically in Japan, since we were not going to do any international travel this year. We rented a house for three days and two nights in the Nasu Angel Forest that is dog friendly. They have […]

  • 2021-09 Japan FGC Roundup

    This is a roundup of random stuff that I’ve been following over the past month or so. No real deep research or anything, but I like having a permanent record around, and a little more space to express my opinions that I get in twitter. 【お知らせ】 カンロ株式会社様と忍ism Gamingの共同開発、戦う脳のためのグミ「BRAON(ブレオン)」が本日より販売開始です🎉 2種類の味があり、片手で手を汚さず食べられる新形状!ゲーマーには嬉しい仕様✨ まずはオンラインのみでの販売となります。 🔽ご購入はこちら — 忍ism Gaming […]

  • Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2021 Pre-Season

    Table of Contents 1. 2021-09-25 Day 1 2. Day 2 Capcom ran a pre-seaon for the 2021 Street Fighter League: Pro-JP. It was streamed on a paid site, about $20 for a ticket for both days. I watched it, and took some notes. 1 2021-09-25 Day 1 There was acutally a streamed show last night […]

  • Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2021

    Table of Contents 1. Leading up to the Draft 2. The Teams 3. The Format 4. The Draft 5. The Final Teams Street Fighter League is happening again this year. Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2021 will start in October, with a pre-season that has games 2021-09-25 and 2021-09-26. This year’s league is structured differently from […]

  • 2021-06-21 Hoshino Risonare Yatsugatake

    We’ve been in the pandemic, working from home, since February 2020. We went once to a cabin in 2020 September, out in Nasu, which was nice. We haven’t had a chance to get vaccinated yet, and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics held in 2021 during a pandemic when Japan has about 12.5% of the population vaccinated, […]

  • Q1 Fighting game events in or around Tokyo

    Previous: 2020 Q4 Tokyo FGC Events | Next Seems like I’ve gotten into the habit of tracking FGC offline events in the Tokyo area. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but feel free to contact me if you want me to add anything. You also should try which tracks fighting game locals around the world. […]

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