Jeni’s crowdfunding campaign to go to EVO 2024

Jeni, a paraplegic fighting game player in Japan, recently posted on twitter about his crowdfunding campaign to go to EVO in America in 2024. I translated the post, and wanted to make sure I had a durable copy of it. Here is the embedded tweet:

Embedded tweet. Lots of tweets in the thread.

Here is the content from the tweet.

This post by Jeni is a bit long, but I want to translate it to English because he’s got a great message. For background, Jeni is a paraplegic fighting game player in Iwate Japan. He’s organized accessible tournaments in the past, and talked on TV about accessibility.

Jeni’s EVO 2024 Crowdfunding has 1 day left to go. I’m Jeni. Good morning. This is a bit long, but I would love it if you could read the whole thing. Every since I was a teenager, it has been my dream to participate in offline fighting game tournaments. Over 10 years ago when I got really into SF4, tournaments were held in arcades. Because of my physical issues I was not able to use joysticks so I couldn’t play at the arcades. The only tournaments I could participate in were online ones or ones like EVO that used home consoles. At the time I thought that if I got better, then I could go to offline tournaments so I immersed myself into fighting games.

As my disease progressed I lost the ability to hold a controller, but I continued to enjoy the swings of anxiety and happiness w/friends as patches dropped. I just loved fighting games. From them I learned the importance of taking responsibility for your own actions. Even if I became unable to play fighting games, it didn’t change that every day I needed to live to get just a little bit stronger.This year I am challenging myself to achieve the dream that I had back when fighting games taught me the importance of getting a little stronger every day. Life is as short as the finals of the Tougeki tournament. The FGC taught that to me. Just this once I want to give out the highest damage output of my entire life over the summer. If you can, please spread the crowdfunding campaign below. I’m grateful for your help and support.

Please help me fulfil my dream, by sending a paraplegic FG player on a long overseas journey.

Note from DocFugu: he’s already more than achieved his goal, which is awesome. I’m impressed with how he has done his best to show people how they can continue to live their best life in the face of hardship. At EVO JP 2024 he helped organize an accessibility booth & experience. The message about life being short also hits home with the sudden passing of BrolyLegs, and how much of an impact anyone can have in the FGC if they put in their effort in whatever way works for them – we all can’t be top pro players, but we all can welcome people & play games.

Update 2024-05-01

With the conclusion of his crowdfunding campaign, Jeni released a video with English closed captions talking about his dream. Check it out!



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