Shinkansen lineup

Father and son trip to Nagoya

2024-03-18 Nagoya and SF6 Real Battle Hub
Alan and I took the Shinkansen to Nagoya

During Alan’s Spring Break, I decided that the two of us should go to Nagoya. I was interested in going there because Capcom set up a “Real Battle Hub” like the Street Fighter 6 game at an Amusement park there, and since I needed to take some time off because he was out of school, I thought we might go together and stay the night. So we did.

2024-03-18 Nagoya and SF6 Real Battle Hub
Nagoya SCMaglev and Railway Park

It isn’t hard for us to get to the Shinkansen, just a bus to Shinagawa and board there. We decided first to go to the SCMaglev and Railway Park. That happened to be right across from Legoland. It is a super cool train museum, and has a lot of information about the new Maglev Shinkansen that is supposed to be completed in 2027 connecting Tokyo and Nagoya (and further later).

2024-03-18 Nagoya and SF6 Real Battle Hub
Another Shinkansen

We spent at least five hours there before leaving for the next stop, the Henn Na Hotel Laguna Ten Bosch. I’ve got more pictures in my Flickr album. I highly recommend this museum if you like trains. I’ve been to the Omiya Railway Museum multiple times, which is also good, but I feel like this museum is less crowded (of course, we went on a weekday, so that is probably the real reason) but it also has a lot of Maglev stuff that the Omiya museum does not have.







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