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  • Capcom SF6 Real Battle Hub in Laguna Ten Bosch

    Capcom SF6 Real Battle Hub in Laguna Ten Bosch

    Back in March during my son’s Spring Break, we took a trip together from Tokyo to Nagoya to visit Capcom’s “Real Battle Hub” setup in Laguna Ten Bosch. It’s setup in Laguna Ten Bosch, an amusement park near Gamagori in Aichi Ken. Most ways to get there will have you take a Shinkansen to Nagoya […]

  • Father and son trip to Nagoya

    Father and son trip to Nagoya

    During Alan’s Spring Break, I decided that the two of us should go to Nagoya. I was interested in going there because Capcom set up a “Real Battle Hub” like the Street Fighter 6 game at an Amusement park there, and since I needed to take some time off because he was out of school, […]

  • 2022 June – July trip to America

    Table of Contents 1. Thursday June 23rd 2. Friday June 24th 3. Saturday June 25th 4. Sunday June 26th 5. Monday June 27th 6. Tuesday June 28th 7. Wednesday June 29th 8. Thursday June 30th 9. Friday July 1st 10. Saturday July 2nd 11. Sunday July 3rd 12. Monday July 4th 13. Tuesday July 5th […]

  • Trip to Angel Forest Shiobara in Nasu

    Table of Contents 1. 2021-10-21 2. 2021-10-22 3. 2021-20-23 We decided a few months back to take another trip domestically in Japan, since we were not going to do any international travel this year. We rented a house for three days and two nights in the Nasu Angel Forest that is dog friendly. They have […]

  • 2021-06-21 Hoshino Risonare Yatsugatake

    We’ve been in the pandemic, working from home, since February 2020. We went once to a cabin in 2020 September, out in Nasu, which was nice. We haven’t had a chance to get vaccinated yet, and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics held in 2021 during a pandemic when Japan has about 12.5% of the population vaccinated, […]

  • Weekend trip to Nasu

    We usually go to America in the summer for a month or three, but this year due to Corona Virus we didn’t go. So we spent a bit of time thinking about safe vacations, and settled on renting a cabin in Nasu, a vacation spot about a three hours drive from Tokyo. A friend of […]

  • “Camping” at the deepest underground station in Japan: Doai

    2020-02-29 We took the Tanigawa Max Shinkansen from Tokyo to Jyomokougen (上毛高原). The trip was about an hour from Tokyo station. Our seats were on the second floor of the Tanigawa Max Shinkansen. I don’t think they are making more of the two story trains, so getting to ride one is pretty nice. The station […]

  • The Garcia Girls visit Japan

    Table of Contents 1. Arrival, 2018-03-27, Tokyo 2. 2018-03-28 Okayama, Kurashiki, and Hiroshima 3. 2018-03-29 Hiroshima to Kyoto 4. 2018-03-30 Kyoto and Kimono 5. 2018-03-31 Kyoto to Tokyo 6. 2018-04-01 Tokyo Hanami-party in Ueno Park 7. Running around in Tokyo 1 Arrival, 2018-03-27, Tokyo On Tuesday, March 25th our cousins, the Garcia Girls, came for […]

  • Alan’s 6th Birthday

    Today, 2017-12-16, is Alan’s sixth birthday. This year, instead of getting lots of presents, Lisa’s planned a nice trip for him. Since Alan really loves trains (what six year old in Japan doesn’t?) this trip is a train-focused trip. His birthday conveniently fell on a Saturday, so we were able to take an overnight trip […]

  • 2017.11 Trip to Korea

    When we were visiting New York over the summer, I met with lots of friends. While we were having dinner with Lena, a good friend of mine from grad school, she mentioned that she and her family would be going to Korea in November for a kind of Thanksgiving. Since Korea is so close to […]