“Dogura Style” and Dogura’s advice to be careful at tournaments

I saw a very interesting post from Dogura during EVO Japan 2024, and I wanted to translate it. So I did, but I had to do some research on “Dogura Style” in order to understand what he was talking about. Since I like things to be durable, I’ll embed the tweet here, and put the text here as well. Of course, all credit goes to Dogura, and I just took a picture from his twitter for something to look at and farm engagement.

The twitter thread on “Dogura Style”

This is going to take a bit to explain but I think it’s hilarious so here we go. Last night Dogura tweeted: I was at an Izakaya for dinner last night and at another table I heard people talking about how Goenitz’ 2HP is OP. I thought “yeah this is that EVOJ experience.” Then they started talked about how they couldn’t believe people would do things Dogura Style in this day and age. So I jumped over to their table and said “Hey! I’m Dogura!” Then they apologized to me profusely.

So remember when you are at an event that there’s the possibility of people you’re talking about to be around! Be careful please!

So what is Dogura style?

Back in SF4 Dogura used to use two cards – in arcades in Japan your BP were tracked on physical cards that you registered. He’d use two cards to farm BP for his account. According to legend Nemo witnessed this and wrote a blog post that was critical of him.

Dogura then wiped both cards and started with a clean one to reach the top ranks in Japan. This method of farming is now known as “Dogura Style”, and apparently he has fans now that were apparently attracted by this dark history. The end.

In the comments Ohsu Akira (the goat FGC photographer) said he thought the amazing thing is that Dogura busted over there to interrupt their conversation.



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