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  • Dinner and a Movie in Tokyo after the Earthquake

    Tokyo Midtown is a large tower in Roppongi, we went there for a nice dinner The tower still stands For the past week, R. and I have been at home. I have been working from home (it is great that I work at a company where this is possible) while R. has been off of […]

  • You know it is bad when you are eating Nude Crunky Balls

    Crunky Nude Balls Crunky Nude Balls With a city of over 15 million people, food can run out fast. I just wen to the local supermarket and they still don’t have any staple foods (but they have had deliveries of other non-staple foods.) It could be that there was just a buying run, but since […]

  • Molecular Tapas Bar, Tokyo

    Molecular Tapas Bar Floating dishes in the bar The delightful Chef Jeff Ramsey Last week for Valentine’s Day I took R. to the Molecular Bar on the 38th floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Tokyo. I have been wanting to go to this place for a few years now, ever since I first ran […]

  • Monjya-yaki and the Lion King’s Simba

    Getting monjya-yaki with some friends Monjya-yaki Simba! Last night my wife and I went to the house warming party of some friends of ours. They had just moved back from New York, where the husband was studying law at Columbia University. They rented out the lounge on the 37th floor of their building near Tsukishima. […]

  • What I had for dinner

    Pasta with white sauce Chicken Fried Rice I made it home an hour earlier than R. today, so I figured I would cook. I do that sometimes. I don’t really know what I’m doing; I just look up whatever it is that I want to eat. Or some close approximation. A few weeks back I […]

  • Royce Chocolate Potato Chips

    Royce Chocolate Potato Chips For the past few months, we’ve had a mysterious box in our refrigerator. It was labeled “Royce Potato Chip Chocolate”, which mystified me. It looked like it was chocolate. But it said something in there about potato chips. I had a hard time consolidating those two concepts. I was almost convinced […]

  • Dave’s Delicious Restaurant

    Dave Cooking Ratatouille, corn soup, and steak Chocolate Fondant and Strawberry Ice Cream In Japan, the pixar movie “Ratatouille” was called “Remi’s Delicious Restaurant” (レミの美味しいレストラン). I have a whole spiel about how Japanese movie titles are basically the entire movie plot in a single sentence (like, The Sixth Sense would be titled “A kid sees […]

  • What’s for dinner?

    Some variation of this was. It was pretty good too. I think R. might have snapped a shot before we ate, but I didn’t. We don’t have a real camera anymore either, just cell phone cameras now.

  • A small bar in Ikebukuro

    Last Friday, R. and I went to a small bar in Ikebukuro. Our aim was to find the small bar Afiya, run by a friend of a friend. It is a really small wine bar that has a focus on food from Senegal. The place has maybe room for 8, so a very cozy atmosphere. […]

  • Musical Robots, Chocolate, and Alice in Wonderland

    Le Chocolat De H chocolate and coffee Tea and Cake Skate Park Art Musical Robots Musical Robots Musical Robots Musical Robot video The other day, R. and I had a rare day off together, so we headed to the Mori Museum of Art for the Roppongi Art Crossing 2010 “Can there be art?” exhibit. Before […]