What’s for dinner?

Some variation of this was. It was pretty good too. I think R. might have snapped a shot before we ate, but I didn’t. We don’t have a real camera anymore either, just cell phone cameras now.







2 responses to “What’s for dinner?”

  1. geekdiva Avatar

    Just spent… 5? or so breathless hours reading yr translation on Vulgar Ghost Daydream. No breath, no breakfast. Only meant to read a little to see if I could handle the horror level then bookmark it for later.

    Uh… what else… Uh, thanks? Yeah, thanks for all your hard work. My brain hasn’t been kidnapped like that in a while. My foot’s asleep from my failing to evict my cat from my lap for who knows how long. I’ll somehow manage to hang on to my adrenaline till I find volume 9 and learn enough Japanese to make sense of it.

    Thanks again!

  2. fugu Tabetai Avatar

    Thanks! I do have the last volume around, I just need to find the time to translate it. Don’t hold your breath though – I don’t have nearly as much free time now as when I used to be a graduate student.

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