(Real) Taco Night

Last night I cooked dinner. I’ve decided to try to come home a bit earlier and cook at least once a week. And also run. But that is a different post. Anyway, I’ve wanted to make tacos for a while, so that is what I did last night.

The big deal for me was making tortillas from scratch. I found a recipe online and went for it. I did burn the tortillas, and they were a bit small (I cut the portions in half and still had leftovers) and a bit stiff, but edible. And good. And kind of fun to make. I also got an avocado, cut that up, a yellow pepper (need some color), a head of lettuce, hamburger, and mixed seafood. Also some great jalepeno cheese. I made a bunch of cheesy mixed seafood, which was great, and standard hamburger meat for the taco (also great – but could have used some cheese) and away we went.

I think we both ate a bit much, but it was fun, and R. was suprised that Taco night didn’t involve octopus.







4 responses to “(Real) Taco Night”

  1. Girl Japan Avatar

    What’s not to love about Taco Night….. WHOA.. you did the Tortillas from scratch? That takes patience and perseverance.

  2. fuguTabetai Avatar

    It was a lot easier than I expected. I need to get a rolling pin though, shaping the tortillas by hand took a while.

  3. Kyra Avatar

    hehe, that’s right ,there are two dishes here: “taco rice” which is the japanese version of a mexican taco, they put the flavored meat, cheese, lettuce and salsa on top of… white sushi rice. It’s pretty good though!
    then there’s ‘tako meshi’ (meshi means also rice btw ;)) which is … sweet&soysauce flavored octopus mixed with … white sushi rice. 😉
    don’t get them confused!

  4. fuguTabetai Avatar

    Also, if your Japanese partner is anything like mine, Mexican Rice (with refried beans possibly) is not even a real rice dish.

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