Amazon’s Kindle 2

Not that I’m breaking any news here at all, but Amazon has announced the second version of their ebook reading, the Kindle. It is a nice looking piece of hardware. I actually tested a version of this a few months back when I was in Palo Alto. I really would like to get one of these devices, but it is only being sold in the US currently because of the included wireless internet service. I assume. I will definitely buy one of these if they are released in Japan, but I think I can wait until then.

I have an OLPC that I use to read ebooks on, so that should last me for a while. I’m also a bit unhappy that the books are Digital Restrictions Management on them so you can’t read the books that you buy on other hardware. I wonder if the books will be accessible in 20 years or so. I know that my real paper books will be, as long as I manage to store them that long.

Anyway, a cool looking device that I really want, but I’ll wait until we get a Japanese approved version out.



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  1. Matt Avatar

    I’m not justifying DRM or anything here (I hate DRM), but Amazon is going to make Kindle books accessible on other hardware like cellphones, according to Uncle Jeff.

  2. Fugu Avatar

    Yeah, I saw that somewhere. I definitely trust Amazon more than I trust other companies (Sony, who has the other well-known e-ink display e-book reader) so I’m not as worried as I would be with an unknown quantity. I still don’t like DRM though because it is some third party telling me what I can do with my data.

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