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  • Reading through Capcom’s “The future of e-sports viewed through Street Fighter League”

    Table of Contents 1. Chapter 1: Capcom’s Path 1.1. Organizing to create the Best games in the World 1.2. Creating a new Genre with Biohazard (Resident Evil) 1.3. Starting Digital Sales early 1.4. SF2 Cultivated the PvP Fighting Game Genre 1.5. The strategy of spotting trends as fast as possible 2. Chapter 2: Our first […]

  • The Magician Trilogy

    Lev Grossman’s “The Magician’s Land” was recently released. I really enjoyed the first two books in the trilogy, The Magicians, and The Magician King. I was looking forward to the conclusion of the trilogy quite a bit, and in preparation I re-read the entire series. It is rare for me to go back and re-read […]

  • The Galactic Mage and “Book Trailers”

    I recently read The Galactic Mage by John Daulton. I had never heard of him before. I had never heard of the book before. But Amazon recommended it to me, and the kindle version is only $3.99. It has good reviews, so I picked it up (months ago!) and only just now got around to […]

  • Jordan Mechner’s The Making of Prince of Persia

    The online version of the book GDC 2011 Classic Game Postmortem Price of Persia GDC 2011 Vault Search for Classic Game Postmortem, there are a whole bunch of good ones! Prince of Persia on the Glorius Apple //! A long time ago, when I was still a young kid, my dad bought an Apple //e […]

  • Joe Abercrombie’s The First Law Trilogy

    Another post about books. I heard about The Blade Itself a while back, probably from one of the author blogs that I follow. I don’t know which one; it could very well be any one of John Scalzi’s blog, Joseph Mallozzi’s blog, or Patrick Rothfuss. Or possibly even I don’t know; I just heard […]

  • Books by Shamus Young

    Free Radical I’ve linked to Shamus Young’s Twenty Sided blog before. He puts a lot of time into his blog and what he writes there, often explaining technical concepts in plain, easy-to-understand language. He has run a great series on procedurally generating a nighttime city and a 3d terrain engine. I was happy to hear […]

  • A bunch of fantasy books on the kindle

    For the past few months (about four) I’ve had a Kindle. Of course, I get some free content, from places like Project Gutenberg, or Amazon’s own list of free book sources. I also have some old ebooks that I bought over the years that are not DRM’d, so I can convert them using Calibre or […]

  • The Computer Connection by Alfred Bester

    It is about time that I’ve gotten around to reading some Alfred Bester. I’ve known about him for a long time, probably when I first saw the character “Bester” on Babylon 5 and looked up that history. I’ve never gotten around to reading anything by Bester though. Last week I dug up some Bester stuff, […]

  • More books: Paolo Bacigalupi

    While at Fuji Rock, I read two ebooks, both by a new author (to me), Paolo Bacigalupi. I thought they were great. First up: Pump Six and Other Stories (link is to the Baen ebook version, which is an amazing $6.) This is a collection of short stories and a great place to start. […]

  • Fafhd and the Gray Mouser: finally getting around to a classic

    On my last trip to the US, I decided to finally sit down and read a classic in the fantasy genre, Fritz Leiber’s Lahnkmar series with Fafhd and the Gray Mouser. I picked up the first volume, a compilation of sorts I think, and gave it a read. Overall it took a while for me […]