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The Blue Haired Girl who will now be in some freak magazine.
"Oh great, now you're going to be in some freak magazine."
I'm a programmer. I write software. I probably don't write too much of interest to the general public, but there might be some useful stuff up here. Here are the things that I think might be useful to someone, somewhere.

High Fashion Log For Girls


Log Watcher is a little GUI that watches your logs, and throws up a table with referers in real time. I keep it running and look at it every once in a while to see if anything strange is going on. LogTracker is available for download. It installs via Java Web Start, only works with Apache log files in the combined format, and includes source code so you can modify it if you want. It is released under the GPL license. The source code is totally included in the jar file that you download to run it - Java Web Start changes the names around a bit (puts a prefix on it) but basically just find something like DMLogTracker.jar in your Java Web Start cache, and that has all the source and stuff.


GMAO (Great Manga Application Onidzuka)

Great Manga Application Onidzuka is a program I wrote to help with translating manga. It allows you to mark up areas (text bubbles usually) on an image (scan of a manga page) and attach translations to the bubbles. (You need to do the translation yourself.) GMAO will then take care of laying out the text in the bubbles. It also does nice stuff like export pages with javascript pop-ups when you mouse over the bubbles you've defined, or export the image with the text from the language you wrote, or generate character lists, and so on.

You can find more information at the GMAO website or launch GMAO with Java Web Start.

There is also a Mac OSX Packaged version of GMAO available.
GMAO Server Logo


The server portion for Great Manga Application Onidzuka. It is distributed along with GMAO in the .jar (along with source and stuff) but you can also launch GMAOServer via Java Web Start.

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