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LogTracker is a little program I wrote to find out how people are getting to the websites I run. Basically, it is a little Java GUI that monitors Apache log files in real time, and throws up a little table with referers that people come from. You can use this to figure out how people are finding your stuff.

Just recently updated in version 1.0.5 is the ability to show a table of URIs that are being accessed on your site. Updates in real-time, has a decay thing going on so you only see what has been looked at recently... We're up to version 1.1.1 now - see the included documentation for changes and stuff.


You can run LogTracker yourself using Java Web Start. Let me (fugu over at know if you have any problems.

Since it is open source, you can just get the jar (with source): LogTracker.jar and I must distribute the other open source code that I use: Java Expression Library (from the JEL homepage) and Java Help GUI from the Java Help GUI Project.


LogTracker screen shot.
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