2023-10-25 Fighter’s Crossover AKIBA / OSAKA 10v10 for Nanai’s birthday

Yesterday Fighter’s Crossover ran a streamed 10v10 match between Akihabara and Osaka to celebrate Nanai’s birthday.

I went to Akihabara and live tweeted the portion of it while I was there. Here’s the text of that, and I’ll add some information about the final outcome.

Here is the stream on YouTube from Akihabara (on Nanai’s channel), and the stream from Osaka (Dogura’s stream). Back in August Nanai’s family wanted to do something, and since his birthday was coming up in October, Kagecchi put together this large scale team battle. The people who joined on the Osaka / Tokyo sides all have a connection to Nanai.

Here is the lineup for Osaka:
Umezono, Mamespider, Dogura, Uryo, Esta, Agoaniki, Go1, Fenritti, Koji KOG, and Score.

For Tokyo:
Takeuchi John, Tachikawa, Nauman, Koichi, Nemo, Aqua, Ishii Pro, Majorboy and two of (Match, Inagaki, Andou, Itazan, Hatsume, Ohsuka, Ichiko)

Each person gets two lives (the T after the name – actually two strokes of 正 one stroke will be erased for each life).

Things will start off with an opening match – four some warm up matches. Kagecchi asked Kouji (one of the staff at Akiba) to play against his younger brother in Osaka. Lots of people here but feels like a small friendly group.

Seeing Hatsume – now a well know FPS streamer – is nostalgic. She used to be staff here years ago and was a well know Cammy main. The idea is for people that knew Nanai well to be involved on both sides.

First up on the stream are Nanai’s younger brothers, the elder of the two in Tokyo, and younger in Osaka. They’ve got a lot of people in the battle hub so need to find the right machine for the warm up matches. Younger brother from Osaka wins. There should be 4 warm up matches. The second warming up match is Himechan Blanka vs an Osaka Jamie – no wait the character is wrong so they want to change from Jamie. I don’t know either of these players (but I don’t know many people). Osaka finally got the right character – Marisa. Tokyo wins. 3rd match is Osaka DJ vs Tokyo Zangief. I didn’t catch the names. Osaka wins. Last warm up match is Osaka Ryuzaki (?) vs Hatsume in Tokyo. Commentary jokes about how both online and offline battle hubs look the same.

Osaka wins. That completes the warm up matches. 2-2 total.

Rules: FT1, each person has 2 lives, winner stays on max streak of 3 wins, but the last person can stay on until they lose their lives. Talking about the Osaka team it looks like they are putting up really strong talent – but since they want people that know Nanai, it just happens that lots of Pro players that come to Tokyo frequently are in that group.

Osaka is Mamespider vs Ishii Pro. They wanted comments from the first players so called off the match. Dogura’s channel has the words from their side, Nanai’s channel has the Akihabara side. Ishii pro says he wants to get this over with and get back to his job making YouTube content. Heh. Hatsume and Tachikawa switch in to commentary. Tachikawa is really giving Ishii Pro a tough time. Lots of fun in the crowd. Tokyo loses. Koichi Chun-Li is up next. Tokyo wins. Next up for Osaka is Esta Marisa. Tokyo wins. Osaka puts up Umezono (that’s what 梅園 was!) Cammy.

It’s been about 4 or 5 years since there was a commentary desk set up like this here. There isn’t strict commentary, people will rotate in and out with stories and memories. Nanai’s family had asked to do something for his birthday and so Kagecchi put this together. It’s raining and there is a leak near the commentary desk. Tachikawa jokes that Esta must be Kazunoko. Tokyo wins, but at 3 wins needs to shift out. Osaka Score Kimberly vs Tokyo Inagaki Luke. Osaka wins. Tokyo puts up Roteikoku(?) Blanka. Next is Nauman Ken. Nauman wins. Osaka puts up Uryo Chun-Li. Nauman wins. Agoaniki Marisa is up next. Nauman loses. Tokyo puts up Majorboy.

I need to head home – early morning – but I’ll definitely catch up on the VOD later.


FC Osaka     FC Tokyo
Mamespider W L Ishii Pro
Mamespider L W Koichi
Esuta L W Koichi
Umezono L W Koichi
Score W L Inagaki
Score W L Admiral Ji-ko
Score L W Nauman
Uryo L W Nauman
Agoaniki W L Nauman
Agoaniki L W Majorboy
Koji KOG L W Majorboy
GO1 W L Majorboy
GO1 L W Nemo
Dogura L W Nemo
Fenritti L W Nemo
Rotation 2 5 10  
Mamespider L W Ishii Pro
Uryo W L Ishii Pro
Uryo W L Tachikawa
Uryo L W Aqua
Score L W Aqua
Esuta W L Aqua
Esuta L W Takeuchi John
Umezono W L Takeuchi John
Umezono L W Koichi
Koji KOG W L Koichi
Koji KOG W L Inagaki
Koji KOG W L Majorboy
Koji KOG L W Nauman
Agoaniki W L Nauman
Agoaniki L W Adminarl Ji-ko
Dogura W L Adminarl Ji-ko
Dogura L W Nemo
Fenritti W L Nemo
  9 7  

I really enjoyed the time that I was at the venue. It was lots of fun – a real convivial spirit, with people cycling in and out of commentary. I’ll take some time to watch the rest of the tournament on YouTube – I left in the first round when Agoaniki beat Nauman. I really like how the community came together to celebrate Nanai’s passion – lots of posts on twitter at and after the event with the tag “Are you watching, Nanai?” (なない見てるか), and that’s a very nice way to remember him. Strikes me as a rough period recently, (FLoE too?) and it’s good to see positive things.



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