October 4, 2020

2020 September JP FGC News Round-up

A lot happened in Fighting Games in September. I tweet a bunch of stuff, but I now realize that it is really hard for me to find specific events if I ever want to refer back to them. So I'm going to go through my twitter feed and comment on stuff that happened in September and the very start of October. I'm including things that I retweeted, because lord knows I don't cover anything close to everything.

  • 2020-08-29 Saturday. FAV Cup Mini. These are tournaments put on by FAV Gaming, across different games, but I note the fighting game (SFV) ones. Sako and Ryusei comment, in a style that I think is interesting. The volume on the game is down very low, pretty hard to hear, so you really feel like you are just sitting around with two friends (sako and Ryusei) talking about the game. They also don't do much commentary, but talk about the matchup more, the players a bit, have interesting side tangents, etc. Itazan Abigail beat Yanai G for the tournament win.
  • 2020-09-05 Saturday and 2020-09-06 Sunday. Street Fighter Pro JP 2020 Pre-Season Tournament Pro Selection. I do have a post on the Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2020 Pre-Season which includes information about the overall structure, and now it also has information on who won the whole thing. Moke won Day 1, and Day 2 Fujimura won to join the JP SFL 2020 Team leaders, and the winners from the under 22 and open brackets.
  • 2020-09-12 Saturday. RAGE vs. Challengers. This was a GBVS team tournament 8v8. It took the RAGE GBVS champions from a previous tournament, and pitted them against new challenges who were chosen as the top 7 ranked match point holders who registered - so there was a period of a "ranked match point race" to try something new - and one qualifier from a standard open tournament. It was held in person at eXeFIELD Akiba, which hopefully you've heard about by now (a new venue in Akihabara backed by NTT's e-spors arm.) Tournament Bracket and Twitch Archive.
  • 2020-09-13 Sunday. The CRAZY for Camelot. I looked into it, and Club Camelot is a real normal dance club. I thought this was pretty strange, and looked into it a little (not much!) more. The company putting this on, GFA, is a financial advisory company worth 11.2 million. They are in real estate and have Club Camelot as a fully owned subsidiary. I think they want to get use out of it during these Corona times - while bars are open in Japan, I'm not sure about clubs. The format was a random 2on2 Waseda style double elimination tournament with a $47600 prize pool. You can catch the archive on YouTube. They had the girl band Kamen Jyoshi play some songs and sit in for some commentary that was fun. The teams were not completely random; they had sako, Mago, Nauman, Kawano, Higuchi, Tokido, Daigo, Momochi as participants. There was a box with two sets of balls numbered 1-4, and since they pulled the veteran players numbers first, it was more likely they would be on separate teams. The teams were Daigo/Mago, Tokido/Kawano, sako/Nauman, and Momochi/Higuchi. The winning team was sako/Nauman.
  • 2020-09-19 Saturday through 2020-09-21 Monday. TOPANGA Tekken7 Season 2 League. TOPANGA has run Tekken Leagues before, and this is another. The qualifiers were 2020-09-05 and 2020-09-06. See the TOPANGA website for details but basically it was split into two leagues: T2 open to everyone via 2 online qualifiers, and T1, which includes winners from the previous run of the event. The T2 league had 14 people split into two blocks, the winner of each block went on to the T1 league with 6 previous entrants. It was a round robin format. Nobi and Double won their blocks from the T2 league to enter the T1 league, and the results of that were 3. Gen, 2. Double, 1. AO. You can get the link to all the videos from the TOPANGA website, I'll put the T1 league day 1, day 2, and day 3 here for easy reference of the final matches.
  • 2020-09-20 Sunday Yoshimoto Gaming G-Tune Cup. About 100 people in an online single elimination tournament. Brackets, Archive on mildom. Results: 1. Torimeshi, 2. Akira, 3. Ushinosuke, 3. Yuzuponzu. These tournaments usually have a nice prize from G-Tune (a gaming PC of some kind).
  • 2020-09-21 Monday Street Fighter Pro-JP Pre-Season Final Tournament.
  • 2020-09-22 Tuesday. FAV Cup Mini. FAV Gaming ran another FAV Cup Mini, you can catch it from the Archive, and check the bracket. Results: 1. Itazan, 2. Higuchi, 3. YHC-Mochi.
  • 2020-09-25 Friday. I put together a long tweet thread about the first 2020 Pro-JP SFL stream. Capcom Fighters is re-streaming these with English subtitles (awesome!) so I don't think I'll put time into doing tweet threads or summaries here on my blog, but I took screenshots and put some time into this one, so here it is. Click through on that last tweet and scroll back up, that's the only reliable way I've found to keep a thread intact.
  • 2020-09-26 Saturday. Intel Presents. SFV LOCAL CHARACTER GP JAPAN 2020. This was the finals for this event. It is basically a showdown between multiple mascots for areas around Japan, and the winner faces off agaisnt Daigo. The archive is on Twitch if you want to check it out. Shinjo-kun (the Ryu dressed otter from Kouchi-ken) won. He lost to Daigo, but Daigo said he was pretty good.
  • 2020-09-26 Saturday. iXA Cup. Brackets and Archive on GunFight's Stream with English commentary. Really nice to have English commentary for this one. Results: 1. Pugera (Poison), 2. Itazan (Abigail/Zangief), 3. Naooon (Akuma), 4. Sousuke (Claw).
  • 2020-09-27 Sunday. JeSU Japan eSPORTS Grand Prix Final. This is a tournament organized by JeSU to determine the strongest SFV player in Japan, and the official Japanese representative for Street Fighter Competitions. I have a long tweet thread about it as I watched, see below. A super stacked 30 person tournament,
Bracket: And a long tweet thread (scroll back up) abou the tournament.
  • 2020-10-02 2020 Por-JP Street Fighter League Stream #2. Capcom Fighters 2020 Pro-JP Street Fighter League #2. Lots of fun, totally awesome to see that Capcom Fighters gets the EN subtitles in quickly. I'm lazy so that means I probably won't write about that much more.
  • 2020-10-03 Tokyo Online Party #3. These are always lots of fun - a single elimination team tournament. This is the 3rd Tokyo Online Party, streamed on mildom. 99 teams of 3, 297 people. Brackets on Challonge. There were some stacked teams, and usually for these tournaments people (pros included) just join up with friends, make strange theme teams (like the all Abigail "Abigails" team or the all Dhalsim "Hot Yoga Lounge" with ITK, YHC-Mochi, and Torimeshi) and have fun. Results: 1. Higuchi Splash (Higuchi, Momochi, Johnny all from Shinobism), 2. Abigails (Storm Kubo, Itabashi Zangief, Kobayan), 3. Tachikawa's Land (Ohtani, Takeuchi John, Nauman).
  • 2020-10-03 Street Fighter V Women's League 2020. This is a league organized by Pecchan, a pro SF player with team A.M.G., who reached out to some friends and put together five teams of four women each. The teams' players are in classes (Ultra Gold and down, Ultra Plat and down, over 14,000 points) and each person plays the other from the same class. Kuze is involved in organizing events at Shot Bar Lucy, and does commentary. Yuka Kuramochi's less famous husband, Fuudo, was also on commentary. She had to remind him a bunch of times to do proper commentary, instead of cheering for Mika or just having a fun time. The commentary was lots of fun - everyone just having a blast and laughing. There will be two more days of events on Saturday to fill out the round robin schedule. The teams are:
    1. BLUE kitties: Leader Mikuramune Menat, September Karin, Sakurako Cody, Misa Menat
    2. Nyanpi Orange: Nyanpi Karin, Wasabi Chun, Fujiko Cammy, Takana Ibuki
    3. Kuramochi Green: Yuka Kuramochi Mika, Mako Ibuki, TABA Mika, Akuden Asumosu Lucia
    4. Crimson Scorpion Army: Pecchan Ibuki, Myako Cammy, Orinu Akuma, YuYu Yurien
    5. The Kageki-dan (reference to an organization that appears in the Sakura Taisen games): Kuse F.A.N.G., Rocco Claw, Gabako Karin, Kisaragi Ryu


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