January 5, 2010

Lawrence Watt-Evans' "The Misenchanted Sword"

Note that I actually purchased the ebook from fictionwise.com. And it was cheap: about $2 when I got it, but now it is back up to $6 it looks like. Huh.

I found this book through Joseph Mallozzi's blog / book club. It sounded interesting, and I liked that the author took the time to answer the questions. The general impression sounded good and it sounded like an interesting book in the fantasy genre that didn't just throw around the same plot and cliches. (It has new cliches and a distinct refusal to accept the common fantasy plot.)

I really enjoyed the book, and found it a refreshing look at a fantasy setting. I really like that the focus of the story was not on saving the world and defeating an overpowering enemy. It focuses on a character and how the character is changed by magic and war. I am always interested in books that take conventions of the genre and do different and new things with them. I'm also interested in good standard treatments though. I am not sure that I could count the number of treatments of Lord of the Rings that I've read.

The story is well written and goes by quickly. The story really focuses on one character more or less but the other people you meet along the way keep things interesting also. I enjoyed the book enough that I went and bought the second book in the series. Apparently this is one of the author's less successful series, so if the second book is also good I think I'll look into tracking down some of his more popular stuff.

Anyway, another book to get if you notice it somewhere!


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Re: Lawrence Watt-Evans'
you know, I have heard really good things about Earthsea. I even started reading the first book (many, many years ago) and somehow never got into it. I'll have to give them another go. Ursula Le Guin is so well regarded in the field that I feel like I really need to give her a chance. Strangely, I think that she is so fundamental that some of her striking and innovative work now actually feels clich├ęd and predictable.

But that is again, like complaining about Lord of the Rings. At the time it was a fundamental game changer, now it is old hat.

I do have Earthsea on my list, and actually have the first book queued up. Not sure when I'll get to it though.
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