May 27, 2009

Tuesday, 2009-05-26

Today we had one major thing on the schedule: go snorkeling.

I don't remember what happened in the morning, but I think I slept in a bit. We eventually got on the road though before noon headed up to the North Shore. I had wanted to drive up the Pali highway, so we headed that way. It was really nice. We were driving in the Mustang with the top down. About halfway up the mountain, the rain started. Ooops. We pulled over and I put the top up. Lesson learned. Then we stopped and checked out the pali highway scenic overlook which is really pretty cool. And headed on our way around to the North Shore. My goal: the Turtle Bay Resort which had a pretty nice bay for snorkeling and is open to the public.

Before getting there though, we ran across Giovanni's Shrimp Truck, which Risa had wanted to try since we got here. We tried to find it the previous week, but missed it. It was about 200 meters further down from where we turned around the first time (when we went horseback riding.) It was really good. We got a half-plate, which was perfect for us since I feel like I've only been eating all the time since I got here and I am positive that I am going to explode even if I only have something that is wafer-thin (when nothing here is.)

After that, we headed out and hit the Turtle Bay beach. We rented scuba gear, and Risa went nuts. I didn't really do too well with the scuba gear. I had trouble when my nose and ears were at different pressure differentials, and I also kind of panicked when floating around (seems unnatural) and then when I got salt in my mouth I freaked out. So I went and read, Risa went swimming for a long time. It was good. I finished my book ( Light) and it was a good book.

Then we headed back to Waikiki and got dinner at Legend Seafood in Chinatown. It was good, and now we have a whole bunch of food in the fridge. We won't be able to eat it all… :(


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