May 24, 2009


We got married on Sunday. It was great.

My thanks go out to Eric Han, Ron DeVilla, my family, the Tanaka family, Yuzuna (because she is so super cute), Eric Tschetter, Sayuri, Eric Han, and Tomoko for their translation help, Carl Sable, Jon Evans and Lilly, and everyone that came.

Our cameraman, Kenrick, was great.

Risa loved her makeup artist (Mariko) and our wedding coordinator from Issei company, Sayuri. Otherwise, I have nothing but good things to say about the Kahala hotel. I was amazed that so many friends came from the US. It was great to see everyone. Even those late people (I'm looking at you, Andy! But I love you anyway. I think it would have been strange had you been on time!)

We had a strange mix of Japanese and American ceremony. I know Risa and I ate more than say, my best bud Ron and Michelle at their wedding. So I think that means we are bad hosts. I loved how people gave impromptu speeches, and I knew my sister would cry. I wasn't sure which one it would be, but it was Alana.

I really should have given Carl more time for his palindrome.

We ended up with waay too much cake. But the dinner was delicious.

Did you know that we got married at the Magnum PI Bar? We did.

We were both exhausted by the time it was over.


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Re: Wedding
thanks dave, i love both of you too! somehow i managed to fly to the south pacific without a problem, but head to the wrong hotel(s) for the wedding. ah well, i did get a good whirlwind tour of the hotel information desks of Honolulu! i was glad to eventually make it to the right spot and share in the big event -- thanks for inviting me. :)
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v nice picture!!!!
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Re: Wedding
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