May 21, 2009

Thursday 2009-05-21

Moco Loco

After getting the morning stuff done (some coffee and some work) Risa and I headed out to Keoni's for a brunch. We got Moco Loco, a dish she had heard about and was eager to try. It is basically gravy over eggs over a hamburger over rice. Add some Tabasco sauce and maybe a bit of salsa and you have yourself a big, hearty meal. It was good, but didn't really have much of a flavor. It tasted like someone mashed up a bunch of eggs, hamburger, and rice. Bland. Add some Tabasco and it was pretty good, but tasted pretty much like Tabasco. So maybe there are other places that will have more flavor, but I get the impression that it is more of a hearty meal with volume for the surfers than anything else. We split one order between the two of us and we were stuffed.

Perhaps it would be better to get it from one of the plate lunch places where it is usually sold, the problem is that it is hard to find those places and we are not locals so we don't know what is where. We also just want to get something easy in the morning without having to make huge plans or do lots of research, so usually we just limit ourselves to things in the area. Anyway, it was interesting to try.

I'm looking forward to some spam dishes. Looks like McDonald's actually has a spam and egg plate so I might try to find that at some point - I love the regional McDonald's differences. I also want to find Krispy Kreme, but that has nothing to do with Spam and is more just a general love of doughnuts.


After Moco Loco we hooked up with Alana and friends to complete one of the wedding items from our checklist: buy white pants for the best men and myself. This turned out to be a lot harder than I expected. The other day Alana had put some items of clothing on hold at the Macy's across from the Moana Surfrider, so we headed out there. The pants were too transparent though, and another style that was less so were not available in all the sizes that we needed. I bought a pair that fit me anyway (on the theory that it is better to have some pants rather than no pants) and then we headed out to a larger Macy's at a mall down the road. They did have a wider selection, and we eventually picked up three pair of the same style of pants for the best men and I, but I'm not too sure of the sizings for the best men. Well, they can probably make do for half a day.

While shopping, I also picked myself up some new shoes, since the ones I have been wearing for the past two years are about to fall apart.

DK's Steak House

From about 7pm we had reservations at DK's Steak House at the Mariott. I had read good things about it. Another steakhouse that looked good (Hy's) seemed to have a pretty strict dress code, and didn't have any views of the ocean.

So, Alana, Jana, Dad, myself and Risa went out to the Marriot. It was a bit of a trick finding the place, but we managed in the end. Risa had a nice NY Strip, and I had an 8oz Filet Mignon. I meant to get it Medium, but I accidentally said "Well Done". It wasn't bad, but it also wasn't as good as it could have been - and that order mistake was my fault. It was a very good steak. Risa's NY Strip was also very nice. I think everyone enjoyed what they had. The soup that we got - I think it was a potato onion soup. It was delicious. There was entirely too much food, but it was all very nice. I had at least two glasses of a nice merlot with my meal.

After dinner, we got a picture or two (thanks random passer-by!) and then Risa and I headed back to the hotel.


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