May 19, 2009

Tuesday 2009-05-19

Did some work in the morning, and in the afternoon my family arrived. Dad and both sisters. We met up with them at their hotel and then went to get something to eat. The closest place that I saw on the way in was an IHOP, and since we were all hungry and didn't want to have to make a big production of finding a place, we went there. I also happen to really like pancakes, and haven't had many since moving to Japan, so IHOP it was. On the way in we were accosted by a big pancake ("Charlie") and he gave us some coupons that we used on the way in. Charlie was pretty cool as far as pancakes go.

We had some time making sense of the menu, and I went for a Rooti Tooti Fresh and Fruity (strawberries.) A while later we saw Charlie trying to get into some door. He was having a tough time because he was about 4x wider than the door. He eventually turned sideways and slid in that way. Surprisingly, he came back out bearing our pancakes! I didn't actually get a shot, but it was very funny. It looked like pancake cannibalism.

Not sure what else happened that night, but we made it home and got some sleep. The rest of the week people start showing up and things start to get busier.


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