February 26, 2009

Review of David Gemmell's King Beyond the Gate

I've read three of David Gemmell's books now, all in the Drenai series. I've really enjoyed all three, but so far the first one has been the most impressive. As a debut novel it takes a different look at traditional fantasy (or at least, a new one to me) and is a fun read. The second book I read was the prequel (?) to Legend, his debut novel, and this third novel is set a few hundred years after Legend but was the second one published in the series. So far, all three novels have been very similar, dealing with similar themes. Actually, I've basically read three variations on the same novel, but it has been done well each time and each has been a good read. I'm going to keep on plugging through the Drenai series for a while and see how that goes.


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