December 27, 2008

Real American Brownies

This isn't really something that deserves a blog post, but it gets one anyway. The other day I made brownies for the first time in Japan that actually came out correctly. I made them in my convection oven - one of the first times I've used it to actually bake something instead of using it just as a microwave - and they turned out great. I cut the cooking time by about five minutes, but they turned out great. I haven't used a convection oven before, and it seems like they cook things a bit quicker. That's cool by me.

Sat down to actually make the things, I freaked out a bit: the recipe called for the oven to heat up to 350 degrees or so, but my oven couldn't even reach 200!! What am I going to do!? Oh, I'll convert to Celsius because that is what my over runs. Doh! After that brilliant observation (this is why mars probes go boom people) things went great.

I brought the brownies to work and put a sign saying "Merry Christmas!" but throughout the day nobody was taking them. In fact, someone had put the lid back on the tupperware because I guess the brownies were too smelly. R. was telling me that the brownies are too sweet, and Japanese people wouldn't like them. Fine, that's just more for me! When I came back the next morning though, only one was left. I guess people just had to get hungry before they tried them.

I enjoyed those brownies so much that I'm going to make some more right now.


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Re: Real American Brownies
Brownies, too sweet? Kudos on the culianry victory.
Posted 13 years, 9 months ago by Andy • @ • • Reply

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