August 18, 2008

Ebook reviews: Peter Watts' Maelstrom and Behemoth

In the past I read and wrote up Peter Watts' Starfish. The review comes off a bit negative I think, which isn't quite right because immediately after Starfish, I found the other two novels online and started reading them (sequentially, not in parallel.)

Maelstrom has a different focus than Starfish, and went into more detail about the networking system and pervasive spread of genetic algorithms and emergent behavior. I was really impressed by the computer science aspects of the novel. I don't think that genetic algorithms as they stand now will develop as described, but the vision isn't completely off base, although some of the anthropomorhism applied to the programs is a bit hard to believe.

Maelstrom was also an easier read than Starfish because the characters were more likeable (despite being the same characters mainly as in the first novel.) I really got into the series from the second novel and had a hard time putting it down. The novel ends setting the scene for the third and final (?) novel, Behemoth.

The final novel has more of a focus on Biology and chemistry, and brings the focus onto another character that is hard to like. In fact, the third novel might have been a tougher read than the first novel even. Other than a few scenes with that one character, the novel was fascinating. The entire trilogy viewed together is really impressive, although there is too much sadism for me to want to read again.

I really recommend these books if you can look past unconventional characters and some unappetizing sadism.


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