January 26, 2008

I lost my watermelon

I sometimes have conversations that go like this:
D: It's really cold tonight, so after dinner why don't we take the train home instead of walking?

R: Yeah, it's really cold today. That's a good idea. Oh but wait, hey hey, I lost my watermelon!

D: You lost your watermelon?

R: Yeah, I had it yesterday, then I went to my friend's house, and now I can't find it! It's really inconvenient!

D: It's inconvenient that you lost your watermelon? In the winter?

Of course, things became clear shortly thereafter: she was talking about her JR RFID-style card, the "Suica", which is a homonym for watermelon. I was so confused.


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Re: I lost my watermelon
Hi Alex, I'm surprised to see you (actually, *anyone*) around here. Anyway, it is called a Suica pass because it allows you to pass through the gates すいすいと - smoothly and unhindered. For the longest time though I also thought that a penguin wandering around with a watermelon is just so absurd as to make a kind of twisted sense - two popular things in the summer are かき氷 and Watermelon, so there seemed to be some kind of relation to me...

Of course, I was just wrong.
Posted 16 years, 8 months ago by Fugu • • wwwReply

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