November 30, 2006

International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries (ICADL2006) in Kyoto day 4

Session: Special Session 1: Culture and Academic Services

"Institutional Repositories in Japan: In the Framework of Cyberscience Infrastructure", Yuko Murakami, Jun Adachi (National Institute of Informatics, Japan)

NII provides many digital library content services: CAT, a list of book and journal indexes, KAKEN, grants and reports on research, ELS has many articles from journals, REO has articles from Springer and others (on the order of millions of documents.) These have been built in cooperation with Universities, which contribute to the archives. NII also has worked to construct an infrastructure for these kinds of services. NII has produced software for creating Institutional Repositories, and is currently working with Japanese institutions to deploy more repositories. Currently working with 57 universities and 22 research partners. Two important issues are marketing, how to collect content and promote access, and copyright: publishing policies and how to move towards open access.

See their website for more details.

"Kyoto International Manga Museum", Matthew Alen Thorn, Masaharu Sekiguchi (Kyoto Seika University)

In 1973 Seika University launched a Manga studies program. They now opened up a museum to open that up to the world. The museum collects and makes available many materials, approximately 200,000 items. The museum is interactive, and gathers information about visitors' readers experiences. They also plan to make a manga archive available on the internet, known as MangaPedia. They are also implementing a metadata system that is useful for manga, based on open standards for metadata exchange. They also plan to distribute images in JPEG2000 format (but nobody supports that yet!)

"Kyoto University Digital Library and Institutional Repository", Keita Goto (Kyoto University Library).

"Journal@rchive: An Archiving Project of Japanese Academic Journals", Noriko Arakawa, Mitsutoshi Wada (Japan Science and Technology Agency).


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