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  • The Future of News

    I do research on automatic opinion identification, and one thing that is really interesting to the community right now is analyzing blog data. Most of the available tagged resources are over newspaper data or movie reviews or other kinds of collectable TEXT – user star rating type things (restaurant reviews, product reviews, etc.) The community […]

  • People that are not me

    While reading the program for the 2008 International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (it looks like an interesting conference, I wish I was going!) I was surprised to see that I am going, and apparently giving a presentation! Oh wait, no, that is not me. That is another David Evans. A quick search pulled […]

  • Installing the Perl Technorati API implementation WebService::Technorati on OSX via CPAN

    This will be yet another entertaining dive into installing software on OSX. For today’s task, I want to install the Perl WebService::Technorati API interface to the Technorati blog search / aggregation site. Usually, I do something like $ perl -MCPAN -e shell to get a CPAN shell, and then install WebService::Technorati and hit “yes” when […]

  • Notes from Thursday 2007-03-22 Natural Language Processing Meeting in Japan

    テーマセッション1 (2): 教育を支援する言語学・言語処理 Theme Session 1 (2): Linguistics and Language Processing in Support of Education S2-1 英語例文オーサリングのための可算性決定プロセスの可視化 ○永田亮 (兵庫教育大), 河合敦夫 (三重大), 森広浩一郎 (兵庫教育大), 井須尚紀 (三重大) S2-2 統計的自動翻訳に基づく日本人学習者の英文訳質分析 ○鍔木元 (早大), 安田圭志, 匂坂芳典 (NICT/ATR) S2-3 日本語読解支援のための語義毎の用例抽出機能について ○小林朋幸, 大山浩美, 坂田浩亮, 谷口雄作, 太田ふみ, Noah Evans, 浅原正幸, 松本裕治 (NAIST) S2-4 外国人が作成した日本語文書に対する自動校正技術 ○祖国威, 加納敏行 (東芝ソリューション) S2-5 コーパスを用いた言語習得度の推定 ○坂田浩亮, 新保仁, 松本裕治 (NAIST) […]

  • Notes from Wednesday 2007-03-21 Natural Language Processing Meeting in Japan

    Information Extraction, Text Minig Information Extraction / Text Mining room is almost completely full. D3-3 小説テキストを対象とした人物情報の抽出と体系化 (“Extraction and organization of character information from short stories”) ○馬場こづえ, 藤井敦 (筑波大) D3-4 統計的手法を利用した伝染病検索システムの構築に向けて (“Towards construction of a statistical search system for infectious diseases”) ○竹内孔一, 岡田和也 (岡山大), 川添愛, コリアー・ナイジェル (NII) D3-5 米国特許データベースからの引用文献情報の抽出 (“Extracting literature references from Western Patent Databases”) […]

  • Notes from Tuesday 2007-03-20 Natural Language Processing Meeting in Japan

    I attended the (Japanese) Natural Language Processing meeting in Ryukoku University from the 20th until the 23rd. I’ve taken some notes on the sessions that I attended. Session B1: Meaning Analysis 意味分析 Session chair is Utusrou Takehito 宇津呂武仁 from Tkuba Daigaku. B1-1 構文解析を補助的に用いる意味解析 ○船越孝太郎, 中野幹生, 長谷川雄二, 辻野広司 (HRI-JP) B1-2 結合価パターン辞書からの情緒を明示する用言の知識ベース化 ○黒住亜紀子, 徳久雅人, 村上仁一, 池原悟 (鳥取大) […]

  • Chasen on OSX 10.4

    I found myself needing to do some Japanese morphological analysis today, which usually means either Chasen or Kabocha. Kabocha is supposed to be the new hottness, running fast, but a quick search didn’t turn up any precompiled packages for it on OSX. ChaSen, on the other hand, is available in DarwinPorts, but since I went […]

  • International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries (ICADL2006) in Kyoto day 4

    Institutional Repositories in Japan: In the Framework of Cyberscience Infrastructure Kyoto International Manga Museum Kyoto University Digital Library and Institutional Repository Journal@rchive: An Archiving Project of Japanese Academic Journals Session: Special Session 1: Culture and Academic Services “Institutional Repositories in Japan: In the Framework of Cyberscience Infrastructure”, Yuko Murakami, Jun Adachi (National Institute of Informatics, […]

  • International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries (ICADL2006) in Kyoto day 3

    Kikori-KS: An Effective and Efficient Keyword Search System for Digital Libraries in XML Supporting Efficient Grouping and Summary Information for Semistructured Digital Libraries Functional Composition of Web Databases Integration of Wikipedia and a Geography Digital Library Impact of Document Structure to Hierarchical Summarization Indexing All the World’s Books: Future Directions and Challenges for Google Book […]

  • International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries (ICADL2006) in Kyoto day 2

    A Digital Resource Harvesting Approach for Distributed Heterogeneous Repositories Parallelising Harvesting Personlized Information Delivering Service in Blog-like Digital Libraries A Personal Ontology Model for Library Recommendation System Research and Implementation of a Personalized Recommendation System Text Image Spotting Using Local Crowdedness and Hausdorff Distance Effective Image Retrieval for the M-learning System Language Translation and Media […]