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  • The Wedding of Jana Evans and Marco Rosichelli

    The family dressed up The wedding venue Uncle Jon, Grandpa Kirk, Lisa, and Alan Lisa, Alan, Aunt Jane, and Dad Scout and papa Jana and Marco Jana and Marco Lots of family Dad, Jana, and Marco Grandpa and Jana Jana, Scout, and Alan Jana and Marco Polka dot cake by Laura Kirk First Dance The […]

  • Premium Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

    Eggs Yummadict. From 37 Steakhouse Lunch Steak Premium Seats It says Premium Hung out with these guys too Last weekend R. and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stanger Tides. This is an unusual occurrence because since I moved to Japan and got married, I generally see only about four movies a […]

  • Summer Comic Market 78 in Tokyo

    Comic Market Catalog Waiting in the parking lot for the Comic Market to open A crowded Tokyo Big Site Comic Cure Sports Drink Captain Jack Sparrow Saint Oniisan: Jesus and Buddha Some Giant Robot Ginrei from Giant Robo Usavitch Rabbits Xbox Man On Saturday, I decided to take a trip out to Tokyo Big Sight […]

  • Musical Robots, Chocolate, and Alice in Wonderland

    Le Chocolat De H chocolate and coffee Tea and Cake Skate Park Art Musical Robots Musical Robots Musical Robots Musical Robot video The other day, R. and I had a rare day off together, so we headed to the Mori Museum of Art for the Roppongi Art Crossing 2010 “Can there be art?” exhibit. Before […]

  • Virtual Game Developer’s Conference via blogs

    Just a heads up to a series of great posts over at about the Game Developer’s Conference. So far I’ve read Sirlin’s report on the pre-GDC day, day one, and day two. I follow Sirlin’s posts on his blog. He’s a game designer that knows street fighter in-depth (worked on balancing Super Street Fighter […]

  • Thexder Neo (A.K.A. Jon is cool)

    Back when I was young (hard for me to remember that far back, but I’ll try) I had moved to New Jersey. Now, don’t get me wrong, I really like New Jersey. Now. But then again, I also have a fond spot in my heart for Texas, and we all know what they say about […]

  • Tokyo Giants vs Yakult Swallows and Cosplayers

    Tokyo Dome City Cosplayers Tokyo Dome City Cosplayers Tokyo Dome! At the park Risa and Dave On Sunday, Risa and I met with my friends T. and M. for a Tokyo Giants vs. Yakult Swallows baseball game. T. is a huge Giant’s fan, and I’ve gone with him once a year to see a game. […]

  • Using NTT DoCoMo’s P906i as a tethered bluetooth modem for internet access with Mac OSX 10.5.7

    This post saved my bacon and basically told me how to do things. In Japanese. Finding your phone Access the internet with it Set up the access information So say you have a nice phone, like the DoCoMo P906i, and an unlimited packet package for your phone. (Hey, I do!) Wouldn’t it be nice if […]

  • Thursday 2009-05-28

    1 Thursday 2009-05-28 Hanauma Bay Stamp Overlook of the bay Fish! Oysters (Risa loves them) Chinese steamed snapper Ahi Katsu. This stuff was seriously delicious. Bacon Wrapped Steak. I can not think of a better thing in which to wrap steak. Dinner at 360 on the Rise Chocolate Wontons. Those are some good Wontons. 1.1 […]

  • Awesome Three Wolf Moon Tshirt review at Amazon

    Contrasting reviews I totally need to improve my reviewing skills. These great reviews (the positive and the negative one) and lots of fun. And what a cool shirt.