Dec 2021

25th Kindle DRM Complaints

20th I hate Fujitsu (AKA upgrading the hard drive on an artificially limited Fujitsu Machine)

16th Emacs longlines-mode

13th Using NTT DoCoMo's P906i as a tethered bluetooth modem for internet access with Mac OSX 10.5.7

May 2009

29th Friday 2009-05-29

28th Thursday 2009-05-28

28th Wednesday 2009-05-27: Big Island

27th Tuesday, 2009-05-26

25th Monday 2009-05-25

24th Wedding

23rd Saturday 2009-05-23

22nd Friday 2009-05-22

21st Thursday 2009-05-21

20th Wednesday 2009-05-20

19th Tuesday 2009-05-19

18th Monday 2009-05-18

17th Sunday 2009-05-17

16th (Another) Saturday 2009-05-16

16th Saturday 2009-05-16 Going to Hawaii

14th Awesome Three Wolf Moon Tshirt review at Amazon

06th Shamus Young's PixelCity Screensaver

05th Review of the BBC Series Survivors (2008)

02nd Setting up an AFP (Apple Filesharing Protocol) on Ubuntu and a Firefly iTunes Media Server

Apr 2009

30th My first, and last, Kart Racing Experience

30th Esther M. Friesner's The Sword of Mary: A Sequel

26th iPhoto 09's Faces Feature

15th OSX Password generator script

14th Sakuracon 2009

14th Psalms of Herod and Architects of Emortality

14th From SFO to Seattle

Mar 2009

26th Bishop Allen at the Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco

26th Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen's Wheelers

26th A visit to the National Art Center in Tokyo

24th Emacs, Japanese, Putty, Windows, and text entry

23rd Apple's FrontRow

23rd Back in the USA

20th Review of Charlie Stross' Atrocity Archives and Glasshouse

10th Dwarf Fortress tutorial

06th Gnu Screen, Emacs, Terminals, and Japanese

06th Credit Crisis Visualized

05th Goro's Diner: a Shibuya burger joint

03rd A good thing to know...

Feb 2009

26th Review of David Gemmell's King Beyond the Gate

25th Jeff Bezos and Kindle 2 on The Daily Show

25th A trip Hirosaki in the Winter

16th Video cards and linux ... again!

16th Review of Charles Stross' Halting State

11th Amazon's Kindle 2

08th Game Center CX: So totally nerdy, it has to be Japanese

07th Things I've been watching on TV

01st Running across the Rainbow Bridge

01st Cool Amazon Robot Party

01st A visit to Kashiwagi Farm and Ooyama Temple

Jan 2009

31st Amazon's list of 2008 Award Winning Manga

30th Books: David Gemmel's The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend and Natsumi Hikaru's "The Doctrine of Sex"

20th I need to check out 紅虎餃子房 or 万豚記

19th Joe Haldeman's "The Accidental Time Machine"

18th Recent Running and Hidden Raves

17th I really hate Zangief

13th Review of John Scalzi's Android's Dream

13th The Mystery Jets and The Kooks

12th Crayon Physics Deluxe

12th Let's Talk about Bathtubs

12th Review of David Gemmel's Legend

08th Another brief roundup: cheap ebooks, cool indy games, and a neat graphics library

03rd Time Capsule Finally Working

03rd Getting Tomoe to recognize Japanese characters in English on Fedora 10

03rd Our Hatsumode Plan

02nd MAME Frontends in Ubuntu

01st Spinning down external USB hard drives on Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

Dec 2008

30th Wedding Rings

28th Two Christmas Dinners

27th Real American Brownies

27th Review of Wall-E in Japan

24th Amazon Web Services CTO interview / award

23rd Jogging around the park

23rd The Baen Free Library and a bit on DRM ebooks

23rd Driving in Tokyo, buying turkeys, and Eeden Mall

21st Review of Heroes Die, Blade of Tyshalle, and Caine Black Knife

17th Switching to Ubuntu from Fedora

14th I need to back up data more often

07th A busy day - another typical blog post

07th What I had for lunch and other misc

07th Marketing in Japan

07th Mini Manga Reviews 2: Crossfire and Yotsuba volume 2

02nd Those guys over at 2-d Boys are really cool: buy World of Goo

Nov 2008

24th Fall leaves in Koishikawa Park

24th A Surprising Birthday

24th Fukuya open house and Fukutoushin subway line pictures

24th Review of Charles Stross' Accelerando

16th A new, advanced phone (nice) with an awful intercface (boo): DoCoMo P906i Review

15th Quick Manga Reviews

15th German Models in Tokyo

05th Another site with SF ebooks for free

04th Simplifying the menu

01st I used the library!

Oct 2008

26th A quick update, and get more convenient, Japan!

21st Cramp!

14th The F1 Grand Prix at the Fuji Motor Speedway

13th Book and Backlog

Sep 2008

29th I cast my vote

27th San Francisco Roundup

16th Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist: Some of my faves are on the soundtrack!

10th Napa Valley Trip

08th How the free ebook "Old Man's War" sold a bunch of other John Scalzi books

Aug 2008

30th My computer smells funny

30th The trials of installing a video card under linux

29th The Crabbing Boat

24th Changing Jobs

18th Our new "Mansion"

18th Ebook reviews: Peter Watts' Maelstrom and Behemoth

10th Summer Sonic 2008 Tokyo Music Festival: Day 2

09th Summer Sonic 2008 Tokyo Music Festival: Day 1

05th Moving out / Moving in

Jul 2008

28th Fuji Rock Festival 2008

22nd has gone live, all ebooks from their giveaway made available for a week

21st Things I never expected to actually say:

21st Ebook review: Vernor Vinge's Rainbows End

21st Moving Estimation is a lot harder than I expected

21st A BBQ down by the Tamagawa River

19th Electric Sheep Beta playing nice with mplayer and xscreensaver on Fedora 8 Linux

18th Ebook review: Peter Watts' Starfish

12th The value of old things

12th Playing around with the OLPC / XO

09th Ebook Reviews

06th Asian American comedians on American TV (watched in Asia by an American)

04th Japanese Chocolate

04th Fire Cafe Zero (Zero Sugar)

04th Super cool robot parking systems

02nd Ryusendo Coffee Black

01st Books reviews: The Audacity of Hope and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

Jun 2008

30th Paying the Tax Man, and stuff around town

30th Reviving the Japanese Daily Coffee Posts

28th Conference Honeymoon

21st Second Apartment Viewing

15th The NHK Man pays a visit

14th Saturday morning alarm

11th Notes from Marriage Week

09th Busy busy busy

May 2008

25th One picture - Traditional Japanese Kimono and Hakama

17th The Future of News

15th Licensed to drive: Making Japanese streets more dangerous

11th Updates around Jiyugaoka

11th Mabo Tofu: Cheap and easy food

09th More earthquakes in Japan

06th How I spent my summer vacation

Apr 2008

23rd The Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese and Japanese Blog Data

16th First impressions of OSX 10.5 Leopard and Time Capsule

15th Just try not to get sick

14th Good News, Everyone!

Mar 2008

26th Mail Server downtime

24th Tax Time

07th Three Cheers for National Health Insurance

Feb 2008

27th Street Fighter IV on Test in Akihabara 2/29 - 3/2

25th People that are not me

23rd Salad

18th Added Gravatar support for comments

17th Dave, your forms are EVIL!

17th Kafka by the Sea Part 1: Japanese Vocabulary in half a modern fiction novel

13th Arcade Fire Concert

Jan 2008

29th The Asian Olympic Handball Controversy (and Doctor Who)

26th I lost my watermelon

03rd Happy Bags

03rd The Seven Gods of Happiness New Year Temple Tour

03rd Osechi Ryori

Dec 2007

31st Primer

27th Installing Fedora 8 on a Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2H motherboard with 2x 500GB SATA drives, onboard GMA 3100 video into an Antec Fusion (Black) case

26th A delicious Christmas Dinner

21st The Hollywood Writer's Strike

19th A pro (sometimes) basketball player that is funny, writes well, and has great taste in music?

12th The Enemy Concert in Ebisu's Liquid Room

09th Praise for Portal

04th The 2007 Japanese New Word / Buzzword / Hot Phrase Prize

04th Bad Omens

Nov 2007

30th Fedora Core / RHEL don't seem to come with up-to-date versions of Scalar::Util

30th SELinux Problems, solutions

22nd Using the Gimp to automate "cleaning" of scanned B&W images

07th Spectating the New York Marathon

07th Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

07th Overheard at the bar

Oct 2007

15th Catching up on Music

Sep 2007

30th One week with Papa and Daughter (パパとムスメの七日間)

15th On the outside looking in

04th I haven't been swimming in ages

02nd (Unexpected) Jiyugaoka Portable Shrine Festival

Aug 2007

31st A Visit to the Japanese National Archives

26th The Unexpected Dance of the Dead

18th Fireworks Festivals

12th Summer Sonic 2007 Music Festival: Day 2

12th Summer Sonic 2007 Tokyo Music Festival: Day 1

10th Something about Heroes annoys me

05th A quick trip to the Setagaya Art Museum

Jul 2007

24th Pizza: A comarison between Italian, New York, and Japanese perspectives

24th It's good to be back (home) in Japan

17th A Quick Trip to the MoMA

17th Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart?

16th Books: Ian M. Banks' Excession

15th Sable-Koo Wedding

05th Unlikely food combinations: What are you thinking, Japan!?

01st Catching up on movies

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