Sep 2023

25th 2023 Q4 Fighting Game Events in Tokyo

Jun 2023

19th 2023 Q3 Fighting Game Events in Tokyo

Apr 2023

09th Momochi with some thoughts on EVO Japan

05th 2023 Q2 Fighting Game Events in Tokyo

04th Thoughts on EVO Japan 2023 from a Volunteer

Feb 2023

19th Momochi analyzes his path to victory before Capcom Cup Top 16

19th Momochi's review of Capcom Cup Group Pools "Looking back from a man who died twice and miraculously came back to life"

Dec 2022

30th 2022-12-29 Street Fighter League Pro-JP 2022 Playoffs

19th Shinobism Live Viewing event for the final SFL:Pro-JP regular season game

17th 2023 Q1 Fighting Game Events in Tokyo

Sep 2022

19th 2022-09-17 Tokyo Game Show and Street Fighter 6 demo play

06th 2022 Summer / Fall SFL: Pro-JP

Jul 2022

17th 2022 June - July trip to America

May 2022

02nd Alan plans a trip to Harajuku

Dec 2021

07th Reading through Capcom's "The future of e-sports viewed through Street Fighter League"

Oct 2021

23rd Trip to Angel Forest Shiobara in Nasu

18th 2021-09 Japan FGC Roundup

Sep 2021

26th Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2021 Pre-Season

Aug 2021

24th Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2021

Jul 2021

08th 2021-06-21 Hoshino Risonare Yatsugatake

Jan 2021

13th Q1 Fighting game events in or around Tokyo

Oct 2020

17th 2020 October JP FGC News Round-up

04th 2020 September JP FGC News Round-up

01st 2020 Q4 Fighting game events in or around Tokyo

Sep 2020

16th Weekend trip to Nasu

Aug 2020

10th eXeField Akiba opening event

09th Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2020 Pre-Season

02nd 2020 August JP FGC News Round-up

Jul 2020

02nd 2020 July and on Fighting Game Events in Tokyo

Mar 2020

09th 2020 March and April fighting game events in Tokyo

07th "Camping" at the deepest underground station in Japan: Doai

Jan 2020

03rd 2020 January and February Fighting Game Events in Tokyo

Oct 2019

22nd Street Fighter League: Pro-JP powered by RAGE Summaries

Sep 2019

16th JeSU Presentation at TGS 2019 Summary

15th 2019 September, November, and December Fighting Game Events in Tokyo

Jul 2019

03rd 2019 July and August Fighting Game Events in Tokyo

Jun 2019

28th The 200th Fighter's Crossover -Akiba- SFV local

24th A variety of interesting FGC events in June in Japan 2019

May 2019

10th JP 2019 Fall Street Fighter League: Pro-JP

03rd 2019 May and June Fighting Game Events in Tokyo

Feb 2019

25th 2019 March and April Fighting Game Events in Tokyo

Jan 2019

30th The Japan Capcom Street Fighter League powered by RAGE

27th Zangief Festival

04th A grab bag of Japan SFV news: super interesting pre-Capcom Cup Gachi-kun vs. Tokido FT5

04th Capcom Street Fighter League Powered by Rage Beginners Class Auditions

Dec 2018

25th 2019 January and February Fighting Game Events in Tokyo and Fukuoka

Sep 2018

27th What might the Capcom SFV Arcade Cabinet mean for SFV in Japan?

26th 2018 October and November Fighting Game Events in Tokyo

24th My comments on the 2018 Japan Premiere and Tokyo Game Show

23rd A series of Momochi Tweets about the 2018 Japan Premiere

14th Studio Sky transforms into "Gaming Office Studio Sky"

Aug 2018

21st 2018 Fall Topanga League Information

17th A report on the signing ceremony for the "Japan and Saudi Arabia eSports Match" agreement.

Jul 2018

26th Why would a 5th grade girl enter a Pro Gaming team? We ask her what she thinks about it.

25th 2018 August and September Fighting Game Events in Tokyo

13th Capcom supports SFV as an eSports game in Japan

Jun 2018

25th Yoshimoto Gaming BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle tournament

23rd Interview with Itabashi Zangief: You can't win just by "being good".

12th Sako and Ryuusei join FAV Gaming, and we talk to them about it

May 2018

27th About Japan's RAGE Street Fighter V All★Star League powered by Capcom

13th 2018 June and July Fighting Game Events

02nd Various things happening in Japan and Fighting Games

02nd Storm Kubo's post about Vietnam's Saigon Cup

Apr 2018

14th What was EVO Japan aiming for? We ask steering committee president Hameko.

06th The Garcia Girls visit Japan

Mar 2018

24th Fighting Game Events in Tokyo, 2018 April and May

22nd Talking to the "Pro Gamer Couple" Momochi and Chocoblanka about esports as a job and the severe reality of money

21st NHK's "The Style of Professional Work: New Jobs Special"

20th RAGE 2018 Spring New Generation Esports event

18th P2G Gaming Event at Redbull Gaming Sphere Nakano

17th Capcom eSPORTS CLUB in Plaza Capcom Kichijoji

14th A short post-Kemonomichi interview with Tokido

12th Behind-the-scenes discussion with Daigo about Kemonomichi 2

11th My brief appearance on AbemaTV's Agenai! Friday

Feb 2018

18th Daigo's Panel on Money and Games in Japan

02nd Fighting game events in Tokyo, 2018 February and March

01st Japan Pro Gaming License quick translation

Jan 2018

30th Thoughts on EVO Japan 2018 from a volunteer

Dec 2017

27th Fighting game events in Tokyo around the EVO Japan timeframe (that I know of)

17th Alan's 6th Birthday

09th 2017.11 Trip to Korea

Nov 2017

26th 2017.10 October (work) trip to Taiwan

Oct 2017

31st Tokyo's Fighter's Crossover -Akihabara- 100th Anniversary Team Ratio Tournament

31st Tokyo's Fighter's Crossover -Akihabara- 100th Anniversary 2-2 Team Tournament

Sep 2017

25th 2017 November 23 Red Bull Tower of Pride SFV Tournament in Tokyo, Japan

Jun 2017

10th RAGE Volume 4 grand finals

May 2017

15th Tokyo Offline Party 5

Jan 2017

14th Tokyo Offline Party 4, and a bit Itabashi Zangief commentary

Oct 2016

25th Amazon cloud drive, photos, rclone, and odrive

Sep 2016

12th Family trip to Kobe

07th Street Fighter V at E-sports Square in Akihabara, Tokyo

Apr 2016

28th Using a Japanese Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 with OSX El Capitan

Feb 2016

10th 2016-02-06 Trip to Sapporo.

Jan 2016

30th 2016 January trip to Nagano

Apr 2015

20th Packaging up a Java application on OSX with recent versions of Java

Mar 2015

28th Excruciatingly slow Swing performance while loading / painting images on a Macbook Pro Retina 13" under Java 1.8

08th Profiling in Java

Feb 2015

28th 2015 Austin and Dallas trip

Jan 2015

15th What is my mail server rejecting?

02nd 2014 Year in Games Review

Nov 2014

16th A trip to Nikko with the family

15th A Business Trip to China

Sep 2014

02nd The Magician Trilogy

May 2014

07th Updating my desktop

Apr 2014

05th Family Trip to Ishigaki

Jan 2014

25th Ugly Japanese fonts in Emacs on OSX

Aug 2013

02nd On the road: Seattle to Dallas in a 1951 Pontiac

Jul 2013

07th Let's try to build gemrb for android on Mac OSX

Jun 2013

30th More on Baldur's Gate on a Kindle Fire HD 8.9" with GemRB

28th RPGs on the Kindle Fire HD 8.9"

21st Family fun at Disneyland!

Apr 2013

28th Whew, it sure has been a while!

Dec 2012

23rd Disneyland in December

22nd A quick review of the US Kindle Fire 8.9" tablet

Nov 2012

15th 2012 November Osaka and Kyoto family trip

Sep 2012

29th "That traditional walk"

17th What have we been up to recently?

Aug 2012

17th The Wedding of Jana Evans and Marco Rosichelli

Jul 2012

17th What I did over the summer

Jun 2012

10th Shinagawa Tennousai

10th The Galactic Mage and "Book Trailers"

09th Jordan Mechner's The Making of Prince of Persia

09th Eclipse, Subversion, and Moneydance CSV Importers on OSX

04th Joe Abercrombie's The First Law Trilogy

May 2012

20th Ginza and Kamakura with Alan

13th Computer failures all over the place

07th Golden Week 2012

Apr 2012

29th Alan's first play date, trip to Tokyo Disneyland, and visit with the family in Chiba

28th Books by Shamus Young

09th Cherry blossoms and Saitama Shrines over the weekend

Mar 2012

04th A visit to the limited-time Koyama Sweets shop

04th Professional Family photos

02nd A trip to Hakone with the family

Feb 2012

29th Tokyo Marathon

03rd Setsubun - throw beans around for good luck!

Dec 2011

19th Announcing the birth of Alan Yoshiyuki Tanaka-Evans

Nov 2011

26th Rainbow Bridge Loop

24th Maternity Photos

13th Happy 37th Birthday Run

Oct 2011

26th Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead

25th Amazon Instant Video

Sep 2011

24th A Wedding in New York, and a Baby Shower in DallasA Wedding in New York, and a Baby Shower in Dallas

Jul 2011

24th Announcing Project: Micro Cooper

Jun 2011

25th Premium Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

11th A Vacation in Singapore and Indonesia

Mar 2011

20th Dinner and a Movie in Tokyo after the Earthquake

17th Why I am not worried about Earthquakes or Radiation in Tokyo

16th You know it is bad when you are eating Nude Crunky Balls

13th I hope you like broccoli, because that is what is for dinner

12th The Great Miyagi Earthquake of 2011

Feb 2011

27th A bunch of fantasy books on the kindle

20th Molecular Tapas Bar, Tokyo

Jan 2011

23rd Monjya-yaki and the Lion King's Simba

Oct 2010

03rd Fukuroda Falls

Sep 2010

19th The Computer Connection by Alfred Bester

08th What I had for dinner

Aug 2010

28th A week of biking to and from work

15th Summer Comic Market 78 in Tokyo

13th Royce Chocolate Potato Chips

12th More books: Paolo Bacigalupi

08th 2010 Summer Music Festivals

Jul 2010

03rd Dave's Delicious Restaurant

Jun 2010

12th What's for dinner?

06th Enable SATA AHCI on Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2H motherboard with Western Digital 1.5 TB drives

May 2010

17th A small bar in Ikebukuro

04th Musical Robots, Chocolate, and Alice in Wonderland

Apr 2010

24th Wilco at Zepp Tokyo

24th Fafhd and the Gray Mouser: finally getting around to a classic

03rd Pizza!

Mar 2010

27th Tokyo Anime Fair and Hanami

24th (Real) Taco Night

16th Chicken Cordon Blargh

14th Virtual Game Developer's Conference via blogs

07th Japanese that Japanese people don't know

Feb 2010

16th Cocoa Programming

Jan 2010

31st BigShot Camera: a camera for kids and education

30th Thexder Neo (A.K.A. Jon is cool)

30th The further adventures of Flat Everett

17th Review of Lawrence Watt-Evans' "The Unwilling Warlord"

17th Stuff I've been (cooking and) eating lately

11th Lawrence Watt-Evans "With a Single Spell"

11th Movie Reviews: Up and Avatar

05th Lawrence Watt-Evans' "The Misenchanted Sword"

Dec 2009

27th 2009 Christmas Dinner at Tateru Yoshino Shiba Park Hotel

26th Adventures with Flat Everett

23rd A Pre-Christmas Dinner

22nd Up next on the ebook reader: Lawrence Watt-Evans "The Misenchanted Sword"

21st Cooking (Cookies) by the Book

18th Foreign takes on Akihabara: fight!

07th Top Chef: Tuna Sandwich

Nov 2009

30th Nick Harkaway's "The Gone-Away World" and Bich Mihn Nguyen's "Short Girls"

20th Very interesting Stardock Annual Report

12th Happy 35th!

Oct 2009

31st Setting up Postfix to forward mail to gmail and keep a local copy with LDAP

10th Yum! Grandma coffee

Sep 2009

27th Home Owners Association and Fire Walking

23rd Dinner at TY Harbor

20th A visit to the family grave

15th Busy lately, but weather is looking up

14th Added a book list on the right

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