September 14, 2018

Studio Sky transforms into "Gaming Office Studio Sky"

2018-09-14 at about 2pm JST, Momochi announced that Studio Sky is undergoing a change.

Here is a rough translation.

Studio Sky transforms into "Gaming Office Studio Sky"

Studio Sky has been operating as a rental space up until now, but from today we change how we do business to transform into a Gaming Office space.

Right now, in the overseas eSports scene, the concept of a "Gaming Office" which offers a combined "practice space for players" and a "work space for staff" has started to gain in popularity. In aiming to become that kind of space, we will refresh the equipment and work on remodeling and expanding Studio Sky.

This year, Shinobism started to run Gaming Teams and Streaming and Casting divisions, and because of that we increased the numbers of players and staff. Thanks to that, we've become one big family.

We are going to continue running Studio Sky as both a place for players to practice, a studio to accelerate player growth, and an office for team management.

We will also continue to offer Studio Sky as a rental space available for anyone, and now we will also offer it up as a place where players can practice in the afternoon, and staff can use it as an office. We will open it up as a "Free eSports Practice Facility" on limited days on a trial basis.

We have worked with the leaders of the community run events that have been help up until now, and this trial run comes with the understanding, agreement, and cooperation.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the community members and related staff for their cooperation and forward-looking thoughts, who expressed feelings like: "We support this move to help people improve their skills, and maintain their motivation."

During Tokyo Game Show from September 20th to the 24th, we would like to open up Studio Sky for free as a practice space for the community, gathering space for all players, and a gaming office. For more details on when the Studio will be open, please follow @studiosky_tokyo.

Also, for everyone that has been using Studio Sky as a rental space, streaming space, or photography studio, you can still continue to make reservations. If you are interested in using Studio Sky, please feel free to reach out via the Contact Us Form on the website.

If we are able to see good results from this trial, we would also like to expand and create new spaces other than Studio Sky. With the motto "To improve player skills, and maintain one's motivation", they will serve as eSports practice facilities and spaces to foster and grow the community.

Thank you all very much for your support.


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