June 25, 2018

Yoshimoto Gaming BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle tournament

The tournament is Single elimination, First to Two, random stage. Loser can change characters.

VOD up on youtube, with top 8 beginning from 3:19:50. Teddy Bui had a great comment with the players and timestamps, which I used to put this together.

Koji KOG (Waldstein / Tager) was in the tournament, but lost just before Top 8. I always loved Koji KOG's T.Hawk, and I love that he's got the big body team in this game.

The commentary team says that all the people in top 8 are well known, but with my Street Fighter background, I don't recognize the names. :-( Before the top 8 everyone introduced themselves. Lots of people from the Kanto (Tokyo) area. Kubo is from Nagoya. Dojidoji says that he has enjoyed this game so much he only gets 3 hours of sleep a night. I was hoping they would talk about the rules for this top 8.

Before the finals

Top 8:


  • 5 Taro (Yu/Tager)
  • 5 Minami (Ruby/Es)
  • 5 ROW (Ruby/Carmine)
  • 5 Dojidoji Otoko (Yu/Hyde)
  • 4 Ho-Chan (Ruby/Jin)
  • 3 Makkoi 8-sei (Ruby/Gordeau)
  • 2 Senaru (Waldstein/Vatista)
  • 1 kubo (Hyde/Ruby)

Kubo received a Yoshimoto Gaming jersey (which he is obligated to wear at EVO - the website had some interesting information about the conditions, and that was one of them) and financial support to go to EVO. Kubo says that he plays other games as well, and will continue to play BBTAG and other games. Ozawa from Arc System Works gave a little speech afterwards too, and said that Kubo was very active in the Cross beta test period, thanking him for that. He says that the DLC released on the 19th was cleared to use at EVO, and thanks everyone for coming today.

The tournament was at Akihabara eSports Square, and Kagecchi helped organize it. I don't think he gets enough recognition outside Japan for the work that he does for the scene - he puts on the weekly Fighter's Crossver -Akihabara- locals, and often organizes other events, like the USF4 side tournament at 2018 EVO Japan. Please thank your local TO and go to your local tournaments!


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Re: Yoshimoto Gaming BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle tournament
Thanks for this very informative post. What do you think about there being 4 Rubys in top 8? Is it a case of the game being new and Ruby being strong/easy, or do you think we can expect a lot of Rubys in future top 8s? I was a bit surprised that Jin was so underrepresented, as he is very popular in the west.
Posted 4 years, 9 months ago by BirdsTheRevenge • • • Reply
Re: Yoshimoto Gaming BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle tournament
I'm the wrong person to ask; I haven't touched the game. I'm just a fan of fighting games in general, and like getting information about the Japanese scene out to people in English. I've watched some matches, and I was really rooting for Koji KOG with his grappler team, but it wasn't to be.
Posted 4 years, 8 months ago by FuguTabetai • • wwwReply

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