May 2, 2018

Storm Kubo's post about Vietnam's Saigon Cup

Not too long after the Saigon Cup, Storum Kubo posted an entry on his blog about the trip. I thought it was fun, and have translated it. I am not a professional translator, just a regular old Street Fighter fan who has some familiarity with Japanese. I'll translate thinsg that I think are fun and put them here. I saw this and thought it was a very fun and funny look at Storm Kubo's trip to Vietnam, and helps you get an idea of his character a bit outside of the game. Original article on Storm Kubo's blog. Many thanks to Storm Kubo for giving me permission to do the translation.

Diary of a Gamer with a poor vocabulary

I have a poor vocabulary, but I write about games.



Saigon Cup

I went to Vietnam to compete in the Capcom Pro Tour Saigon Cup event

In the previous tournament and the one before that I was able to make Top 8, so I went into this tournament aiming for victory. As expected of the nation, not only was it very hot, there was nothing other than a Starbucks near the venue, so I had a really hard time getting food and staying hydrated.

I hope I can become someone who better adapts to any environment in the future…

When I entered the venue the first thing I noticed was the T-shirt sales stand, and the Vietnamese Shiranui Mai cosplayer. She was super cute. I mean, in general Vietnamese girls are cute. Since the country is always hot, so from the style of clothes that they wear you can see some very nice legs all over the place.

I'm sure that most of you know, but one of my goals in going to overseas competitions is to "Take pictures with beautiful women"1. Lately, whenever I see beautiful women, for some reason Marn always sneaks into the frame, but this time I tried hard to take pictures without him.


is what I was thinking as I bought a T-shirt with the Saigon Cup logo.

If I just suddenly went up to someone drooling and asking for them to take a picture with me, I'm sure they would think I'm just some strange geek boy and would hate it.

If you are going to take a picture, you want the photographer and the subject to feel like it is a win/win situation, right? Just as I was thinking that, what did I see but the Professional Gamer sponsored by Alienware2, Takeuchi John, entering the venue. I sucessfully led him to where the cosplayer was.

Storm Kubo: "Do you see that cosplayer over there? Shall we take a picture with her?"

Takeuchi John: "Huh? Ah, ok."

And how did it turn out?

  1. Storm Kubo got his picture of the cosplayer -> WIN
  2. I got a shot of Professional Gamer Takeuchi John and the cosplayer -> WIN
  3. The cosplayer got a picture with a handsome young man -> WIN
  4. All you readers got to see a picture of a beautiful woman -> WIN

Because of Storm Kubo's excellent neutral game (probably) this is a perfectly composed shot.

Takeuchi John and Mica-san

Left: Professional Gamer Takeuchi John Right: Mica-san

I'm not so sure about number 2 and 3, but at least going on the smile on Professional Gamer John Takeuchi, I think number 2 is clear. At worst, it'll just take one punch to wipe those complaints off his face.3

I'm convinced that number 3 was a success because after taking the picture, the cosplayer went to every one of Professional Gamer John Takeuchi's matches and cheered him on in the background.

Mica-san cheering on Professional Gamer John Takeuchi

The only loss is that people think "Storm Kubo's a wierdo", but that's a trifling matter. I'm not playing around here, just shut up and come along. I did see her follow Professional Gamer John Takeuchi pretty quickly on twitter. I feel like that's due to the difference in the gap between the characters we main.

On the second day she cosplayed as Chun-Li, so just like on the first day I quickly led Professional Gamer John Takeuchi to her, and scored another one in the win column. Thank you so much for all your hard work John. Thank you so much to the cosplayers too.

Chun-Li cosplay and Professional Gamer Takeuchi John

By the way, I placed 16th in the competition. Also, the Pho was delicious.

Storm Kubo.



Translator's note: I did not know this.


Translator's note: that's what it says, I know he's Team Liquid, I don't know the details about the Alienware connection (though he and Nemo do a lot of Alienware stuff together).


Translator's note: I originally went with "At worst, he's only got a minor complaint" which ignored the whole thing in there about a punch.


Complaints about the translation go to me, I'm just translating the contact info from his post here!


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