September 25, 2017

2017 November 23 Red Bull Tower of Pride SFV Tournament in Tokyo, Japan

This November, Red Bull is running a very interesting Street Fighter V tournament in Tokyo. The format is unique, and looks like a lot of fun. You can find the website here: but all the information is in Japanese. I've translated the details page, and rules and regulations in case anyone is interested.

You can register for the tournament here: and the fields on the form are (in order) Last Name, First Name, Name (Furigana - you can probably duplicate your name here), email, cell phone number, postal code, prefecture, address, birthday, main and then sub character, player name, the "GateKeeper" you want to fight against, Sony ID, Twitter, tell them the past tournaments you've been in, and comments. Then two check boxes for rules and regs.


The only thing we put on the line is our pride. This is a tournament for Street Fighter V with a unique format: the "Red Bull Tower of Pride". You try to collect as many coins as possible, and challenge the 8 GateKeepers for a chance to enter the final stage of the tournament.
■ General Information.
Date: November 23 (Thursday, a National Holiday).
Location: Omori Bellport (Tokyo, Shinagawa, Minami Ooi).
■Time Schedule.
1. 10:00-16:00 Coin match qualifiers. (Break the 4 gates up into two groups, and run each for 2 and a half hours.)
2. 17:00-18:30 Battle against the Gate Keepers.
3. 19:00-21:00 Red Bull Tower of Pride Final Tournament.
※ Depending on the gate you are in, start times may vary.
※ There may be some variations or changes as the tournament progresses if necessary.
■ Competition format
8 entrants will proceed to the final tournament. The goal is to earn a chance to challenge one of the eight top players protecting those spots (Gate Keepers.) For each open spot, there will be one group of 32 entrants, for a total cap of 256 people in the qualifiers. Each entrant in the qualifiers will get 10 coins, and you bet those on matches. The person who collects the most coins in the qualifier time limit will challenge the Gate Keeper, and the winner will advance on to the final tournament.
■ Rules & Regulations.
■ Entry cap.
256 people to challenge the 8 Gate Keepers. When you register you choose a Gate Keeper to challenge.
■ Participation qualifications.
There are no limits around age, professional, or amateur status. If you are under 20 years old, you need your guardian to sign a consent form.
* If you are unable to procure the consent form, you may not participate. You also must be over the age of 12 years old.
* The organizers may request a change to your player name.
■ Gate Keepers.
Bon-chan, Umehara Daigo, Nemo, Tokido, Kazunoko, Xiao Hai, Tachikawa. * Another coming soon.
Gate Keepers will be announced as they are decided. One of the Gate Keepers was decided at the Fighter's Crossover -Akihabara- event "Road to Pride" as a Community Gate Keeper.
■ This is a tournament held at the Fighter's Crossover -Akihabara- event, a local weekly usually held on Wednesday organized by Kagecchi. The winner will take their place as the Community Gate Keeper.


■ Rules and Regulations
Coin Match Qualifiers
Match format: Winner stays on after making a coin bet.
• The winner is the person that ends with the most coins after the time limit. You will be the 10 coins that you receive when you register.
• You can choose to play at any of the stations, but each station has a minimum number of coins that must be bet.
• If both participants agree, the size of the bet may be increased. It cannot be decreased.
• When you start your match, you must inform the judge of your participant number and the number of coins bet, then hand over the coins. After the match is over, the winner will receive all the coins from the judge.
• The winner of the match may decide whether to stay on to face the next challenger, or may leave if they wish.
• If there is a station with no players sitting, both participants will play rock-paper-scissors to decide who chooses the player sides. If there is already a player who has won and is waiting for a challenger, you must choose the open seat.
• If you have used all your coins before the time limit is up, you must then leave.
• You are not able to use the stations for any gate other than the one to which you are registered.
• Tournament Platform: PlayStation®4 “Street Fighter V”
• Tournament version: The newest version at the time when the tournament is held.
• Tournament mode: Versus mode
• Round settings: 2 rounds, best of 3.
• Time limit: 99 seconds
• Stage: Random. “The Grid”, “Kanzuki Beach”, and “Sky of Honor” are banned. Do another random select if you get one of those.
• Allowed characters: All. * All characters that are capable of being played at the time of the tournament are legal.
• Number of participants: 32 people per gate. Entrants who were unable to participate due to the cap will be assigned to other gates based on their listed gate preferences.
• Allowable devices: Officially licensed PlayStation® arcade stick controllers can be used, however, other types of hardware controllers are not allowed.
• The event will only provide DUAL SHOCK 4 controllers. If you would like to use an arcade stick controller, you must bring it yourself. Turbo fire features, macro features (features that allow you to record inputs and replay at will) are not allowed. The button presets allowed within the game are allowed.
• If, during a match, a participant-provided controller is suspected of malfunction or being non-official, the match will be stopped and the judge will inspect the controller. If the controller if found to be suspect, malfunctioning, or non-allowed, the match will be declared a loss.
• Legacy controllers (PS3) are not allowed. (Sorry Luffy!)

If you have specific questions, please use the contact form.

Battling the Gate Keepers
Match format: The winner of the qualifiers will battle the Gate Keeper, best of 3.
• Player side: The Gate Keeper is on the P1 side, the qualifier winner is on the 2P side.
• About pre-declaration of character usage: Both players must first inform the judge of the character that they will use, and then the match will start (blind pick). After the first match, the loser is able to change their character.
• The other game settings are the same as in the coin-based qualifying round.

Red Bull Tower of Pride Final Tournament
Format: The 8 players who advance in the Gate Keeper Battle rounds will run a Single Elimination tournament, best of 3.
• Player Side: The player listed on the left hand side (upper) of the Tournament bracket will be on the P1 side, the other player is on P2.
• The other game settings are the same as in the coin-based qualifying round and the Gate Keeper Battle.


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