April 14, 2009

Sakuracon 2009

By pure chance our hotel was next to the Seattle Convention Center. The week before was the big comic book convention, ComiCon. The day we left Seattle was the first day of the Sakura-con, an anime-themed convention in Seattle. Apparently. R. and I had a few minutes before leaving, so we popped into the convention center and took some pictures. She was too shy to take the pictures, but really got a kick out of seeing everyone dress up. I took all the pictures, and I asked every person if it was ok. Everybody was super excited to get their picture taken, and they almost always posed in some way appropriate to their character.

Click to see pictures and ...    

R. thinks that Otaku in Japan are worse than the ones in America. I'm not so sure. I'm pretty biased against the American Otaku who are proud to wear that as a label and call themselves *-chan, and everybody else "chan" for that matter, know a few phrases of Japanese, but invariably only things they pick up from watching anime. I somehow think that is worse than the Japanese otaku, who I view as simply the local nerds. As opposed to nerds with some sort of crazy escapism fantasy who lack the conviction to go through with things and really learn the language or move to Japan. But I'm biased, because I probably started in a similar (although much smaller) boat in the 80s, and now feel that I have outgrown that phase.

Sadly, my wife lumps me in with them.

So, the rest of the post is just links to pictures. Enjoy. We can snicker and point at them over the intra-web, but in all thruthiness everyone was super great by letting me take their picture, and the people I talked to (because I had no idea what their costume was from) were also pretty cool people. (I also really want to attend one of the Comike in Japan, but the timing just hasn't worked out yet. It is really close to our home and is even on the same train line...)

There are a few more shots of the convention center that I didn't include. I was frankly amazed at how many people were in costume, how good the costumers were, and in some cases how risque they were. I haven't watched any anime in a long time - I can hardly keep up on tv - but if there are any good ones out there let me know. I did really enjoy The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.


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Re: Sakuracon 2009
The people in the last photo all look like they are from Soul Eater. The person with the blue hair is Black Star. The witch is Blair and standing next to her is either Patty or her sister whose name I can't recall at the moment. They are both weapons belonging to Death the Kid.

You should watch Soul Eater, I finally caught up and finished the anime. I'll be honest the ending is disappointing as I have read they rushed through it.
Posted 13 years, 6 months ago by Tiffany • • • Reply

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