January 20, 2009

I need to check out 紅虎餃子房 or 万豚記

According to Famitsu, the restaurants 紅虎餃子房 and 万豚記 will have SF4 themed menus from 2009-02-12 to 2009-04-12. There are a bunch of either of those places in Tokyo, so I should be able to find one. Didn't look like there were any in Shibuya though.

Also you get a card with a QR code and can download a character voice to your phone. Or something. I hardly use all the crazy stuff that my phone can supposedly do.


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Re: I need to check out 紅虎餃子房 or 万豚記
When I was a elementary school student, I used to read Famitsu.. I collected "Gavas" so as to get a new software.
Ah, Sweet memories!!
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