December 30, 2008

Wedding Rings

R's friend Mibe Atsushi makes jewelry for a living. Months ago we commissioned him to make our wedding rings. We aren't quite doing things traditionally: I proposed with a necklace because R. can't wear rings at work, but could get away with a necklace. Sometimes. Instead of a traditional (in America) gold wedding band, she wanted something more unique. Also, in Japan the wedding band is always platinum so that is what we went with. Mibe came up with a lot of designs and we looked through a bunch of books and finally settled on this design. I like it because I wanted a nice simple ring that was symmetric. R. wanted a common theme between the designs, so I have 12 gems mounted on the side of the ring where they won't flash at me. She has a few more on her ring, which looks pretty and girly. My ring looks manly and strong. Or so I tell myself.

Also, I wanted to make a joke about playing D&D so I know that platinum is better than gold when it comes to trying to bargain with shop-keepers to buy that +1 sword of cutting, but I figured a totally geeky joke like that had no place in a serious blog post about important serious wedding stuff. So I didn't make the joke.


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Re: Wedding Rings
woo, those came out nice!
Posted 12 years, 10 months ago by Rebecca • @ • • Reply
Re: Wedding Rings
Absolutely beautiful. I love the simplicity of these rings, platinum IS always better than gold. Great choice!

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