December 24, 2008

Amazon Web Services CTO interview / award

There is an interesting article over at Information Week picking Amazon's Werner Vogels as CTO of the year. I really like the IT / web services stuff that Amazon is doing, and this is a great introduction to some of that stuff that is easy to understand for non-developers.

I wish I had a bit more time myself to look into using Amazon's cloud computing and storage services. I was thinking of using them as off-site backup for my home server, but when I looked at the massive amount of data I would need to backup (about a terabyte) and thought about how important it was to me (not important at all - about 95% of the data is just TV shows that wouldn't hurt me if they disappeared) the cost was too high. So I just bought 1TB of external hard drives and will back up that way.

Still, at some point I want to look into using some of the storage and cloud computing stuff. It would be fun to do just as an interesting programming exercise.


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