July 2, 2008

Ryusendo Coffee Black

Yesterday I tried the Ryusendo Black Coffee. It was awful. I should have known; it says right on it "no sugar", and I like my canned coffees a bit on the sweet side. Still, I had tried another Ryusendo coffee, so I thought I should round out the set.

After two sips, I dumped it and got a nice Georgia Caffé Espresso. That is more my style. Sweet, and easy to drink.

These blog posts are pretty boring, but I like the idea of documenting the Japanese coffee cans. I really want to find more of the cans with manga characters on them, since that was supposed to be some special limited run thing. I might have missed out on most of them though. If that is the case I will have to give up my afternoon coffee again I think.


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Re: Ryusendo Coffee Black
are you talking about the ones from Shonen Sunday's special 50th anniversary promotion? I went a bit crazy when that happened and bought a Ranma 1/2 Tshirt (by order mail), a tissue box, and a Georgia canned coffee all with cartoons on them. I tried keeping the empty can on my desk at work because it was cute, but the cleaning lady threw it out :(((
Posted 11 years, 8 months ago by Kyra • • • Reply
Re: Ryusendo Coffee Black
Actually, I don't remember - this post is so old. I just saw some cans with come anime from Ashita no Joe, so I picked it up. I think. :)
Posted 11 years, 8 months ago by Fugu • @wwwReply

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