June 30, 2008

Reviving the Japanese Daily Coffee Posts

So a while back I quit doing updates here, mostly because I quit drinking coffee. Usually when I go overseas though I start up again. I went to Morocco recently for a conference / honeymoon and started drinking coffee again. I haven't been motivated to quit since coming back, and have been enjoying another cup of coffee each day. So here is a backlog where I'll post a few pictures.

I bought Georgia's Essence Drop purely because it looks like it would be something that shows up in a JRPG. I don't have any memories of the drink itself though. Middle of the road.

The Fire Coffees are the ones that I usually drink, and they are pretty good. I've had this one a couple of times, and think it is pretty good.

I also am a fan of the Boss coffees, and was intrigued by the Switch Shot. It was a bit bitter and not as good as Rainbow Mountain, which is one of my favorites.

I hadn't heard of Ryusendo before, and didn't really like it too much.

Kirin Fire Special is another cofffee that I like a lot.

The wonda gold was pretty good.

Finally, three Nescafe coffees. I like when they put manga characters on them, and I think those last two are Golgo 13. I never read that though, so I'm not too positive.


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