May 25, 2008

One picture - Traditional Japanese Kimono and Hakama

I don't really have much time, because I have to pack still, and then get on a plane to go to Morocco for a conference, but I wanted to make a quick note of things.

Yesterday I married L., and for the past week my family has been in Japan. We went out to an amazing Kaiseki Japanese feast (11 courses!) and for the occasion - the first time that both families met - Alana, Jana, Grandma Bessie, myself, and L. were in traditional Japanese Kimono (or for me, the Hakama.)

The only pictures I have are blurry (dad doesn't know much about cameras!) but here is one with Alana, L., Jana, and I.


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Re: One picture - Traditional Japanese Kimono and Hakama
The grandmothers are too cute for words. It's no wonder the shop used the pictures. You look at least somewhat natural in the hakama. I'd just look crazy. A 93 kilo, 178cm Scots/German redhead with freckles and a loud voice you can hear clear across the pacific. The very thought is frightening.

Congratulations again. At least Marrakech is an exotic an interesting place for a honeymoon.
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