May 25, 2008

One picture - Traditional Japanese Kimono and Hakama

I don't really have much time, because I have to pack still, and then get on a plane to go to Morocco for a conference, but I wanted to make a quick note of things.

Yesterday I married L., and for the past week my family has been in Japan. We went out to an amazing Kaiseki Japanese feast (11 courses!) and for the occasion - the first time that both families met - Alana, Jana, Grandma Bessie, myself, and L. were in traditional Japanese Kimono (or for me, the Hakama.)

The only pictures I have are blurry (dad doesn't know much about cameras!) but here is one with Alana, L., Jana, and I.


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Yeah, I'm a married man now
Yep, I got married on the 24th. Now the wife and I (it sounds crazy to say it, but is lots of fun - she called my danna by accident today too ...) are now in Marrakech, Morocco for a conference (for me) and a honeymoon (for her.)

Mixing the two means we end up having a crappy honeymoon and conference, but it is better than none. :)
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