May 25, 2008

One picture - Traditional Japanese Kimono and Hakama

I don't really have much time, because I have to pack still, and then get on a plane to go to Morocco for a conference, but I wanted to make a quick note of things.

Yesterday I married L., and for the past week my family has been in Japan. We went out to an amazing Kaiseki Japanese feast (11 courses!) and for the occasion - the first time that both families met - Alana, Jana, Grandma Bessie, myself, and L. were in traditional Japanese Kimono (or for me, the Hakama.)

The only pictures I have are blurry (dad doesn't know much about cameras!) but here is one with Alana, L., Jana, and I.


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The Kimono and Hakama are from Kimono Rental Aki in Shibuya. I highly recommend them, but they do not have Japanese speakers on staff. The shop owner is a really nice old lady who helped out with everything - picking out Kimono for 4 women to match the bride's, setting up hair appointments for them, etc.

I don't know the first thing about Hakama, but I dug it. I could never get my decorative clasp to point the right way (straight) but otherwise it was really great (if constricting after a few hours + dinner.)

Huh, our picture is on their website now - crazy! They really, really were happy that my 88 year old grandma wore a kimono (first time in Japan too!)
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