April 15, 2008

Just try not to get sick

As of April 1st due to some law changes in Japan many people are changing to a new health insurance plan. I'm also switching plans, either because the type of employment I have has changed, or because of the health change laws - I don't really know. I saw a story on the news about some people who are in a situation where their old health insurance cards are not valid, but their new cards have not come yet.

I'm currently in that situation. I went to the HR department the other day for something unrelated to health insurance, and while I was there I had a conversation about my health insurance. My new card hasn't come yet, but they want me to turn in my old card.

I asked them what I should do in case I got sick. They said "Well, tell them that you are waiting for your new card." It wasn't clear what would happen at that point there.

So in the end: just try really hard not to get sick. I hope that new card comes soon!


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Re: Just try not to get sick
Yesterday, May 1st, my new insurance information finally arrived. I'm finally able to get sick again! (Not that I plan to, but it is nice to know that I have coverage again.)
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