March 26, 2008

Mail Server downtime

The mail server on was broken for an unknown period of time.

I didn't notice because essentially, once I set up the mail server (postfix) it just worked, and kept on working. I should also take the time to note that, which hosts this server (on a virtual linux system) has been just great. Set things up, do an yum / apt-get update every once in a while, keep the software up to date (essentially keeping up with phpbb patches) and things have been great. Once set up. :)

Anyway, the problem with the mail server is that it was using a dns blacklist that went out of service a while back, and I guess the owners decided they wanted everyone who still had it in their configs to remove it NOW because all messages sent to me were bouncing because of the blacklist. I removed it from the postfix setup, restarted, and things are back to normal (as far as I can tell.)

So I might have missed a day's worth of mail or two. Not more than that though, since stuff got through two days back.

Pretty boring post come to think of it. I should have more exciting stuff coming up (well, if you like Perl I've been meaning to post something about that in a bit.)


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