June 18, 2007

Added SPF support to fugutabetai.com mailserver

Using the Postfix and SPF howto over on howtoforge.com I added SPF support to the Fugutabetai.com mail servers. It looks like that is working well, so after a few weeks go by, I'll try to remember to look at the logs and see if SPF has been useful at all at rejecting spam from known unauthorized users. Since SPF (Sender Policy Framework) won't work without domains deciding to actually fail to accept mail from machines that are not authorized to send that mail, I've switched the Fugutabetai.com DNS SPF records to hard fail on mail that doesn't originate from the proper places.


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Re: Added SPF support to fugutabetai.com mailserver
I spoke too soon. I'm on version 2.0.x of postfix. The current version is 2.3.x. I need to be on 2.1.x for the features needed to implement SPF. So, I do not have SPF support in the fugutabetai.com mail server currently. Since it looks like it will be a multi-hour adventure to upgrade, I'll let that one wait until something critical forces me to upgrade.
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